October 09, 2013

What In The World?

The beautiful white light of our sun.

In space the radiation from the sun's rays are so intense astronauts and spaceships must wear heat shields and use filters for any window or helmet.  When the astronauts are on the dark side of Earth they can't feel any heat at all.  The temperature can drop to around 170c (-338f). 

In space the light of the sun is so pure astronauts say that it is white. On Earth we don't see the light of the sun as it really is.  We see its light as yellow or sometimes red, depending on how much debris is in the atmosphere.   

These facts made me think about how life can be for us. Many times we are faced with situations and events that are discouraging or even frightening.  We know that God is present but we can't feel His love.  We can see different aspects of His character but we don't see how He moves events for a better future.

Life at times can feel very isolating and maybe even terrifying.  We suddenly become hyper aware of everything that's going wrong.  We feel as if no one understands us and worse, we might even feel that God doesn't care.

This photo is real.  NASA keeps it in its image library.

We need strength outside of ourselves to get through the moments when we feel we have reached our limit and can go no further.  God grants us this power through prayer. And pray we must!

My country, and countries across the globe, are seeing a disturbing decline in morality, in honor, and in responsibility within the leaders of education and government.

As Christians we should be shining like lights in the darkness.

There is a growing sense of entitlement in younger generations and an increasing decline in respect for all authority figures.

Our world economies are failing.  People have too much time on their hands to waste.

Praying in public or even mentioning the name of God can get you fired, or in schools and universities, expelled. And in some cases even taken to court and sued.  

In my opinion all these things and more are symptoms of a greater problem: people want to make God obsolete.  People don't want to ask God for direction because they think they can figure things out by themselves.
Gravity. Great movie! Beautiful and inspiring. See it in IMAX.

But without God, without His standards life becomes a free-fall.  We become untethered and vulnerable to any whimsy and circumstance.

The United States, and the rest of the world for that matter, needs God to be our role model.  The standards we live by should be taken from the Bible and not from a confused and corrupt government.

I don't know where my country will be five years from now. As things stand it doesn't look good.

Yet, I have hope.  I remember that God is faithful.  I remember how He has rescued His own from calamities over and over again in the past.  I believe that God will make things right. 

Why do I believe this when everything around us seems to state the contrary? 

Our beautiful home. 

Because life is not just what we experience with our five senses. Even Albert Einstein stated that it is possible there are other dimensions we cannot see.

The truth is that we don't know as much as we think we do.  We are limited.  Science cannot explain right and wrong just as it cannot explain inspiration.  Religion cannot give us joy but it can foster shame and guilt.

God alone provides hope and mercy and life not just for this world but for what is yet to come. He offers these things with no exceptions and no strings attached.  I have hope because the Earth and everything in it and everything around it belongs to Him.  

" ... The Earth is the Lord's, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to Him. "
~ Psalm 24:1


Brenda said...

Amen to what you have written. The fact that we do not see the sun as it really is is because just like the world is polluted, so are its people.

Happie Reading said...

such cool photos! God is so amazing for creating this awesome Earth for us to explore. He is just so good! so happy i found your blog. Hopefully you can swing by mine sometime

xo, Kelsey Belle | Happie Reading Blog


Brenda: Yes, unfortunately society is very ill spiritually. That is why Christians need to live in a way that honors the Lord. To show the world that there is another way to live.

Happie Reading: Welcome and thank you for following! God is amazing. His imagination is beyond our comprehension.