September 13, 2013

Remind Me

Ever have one of those days when it feels like everyone and everything exists just to make you feel so small?  Have you had times when you really struggle to see what's so special about yourself?

I sure have.  And I know many of you have felt this way too.  Those are tough days. For some of us they become weeks, months, even years.  But the good news is that we can overcome this pain by believing the truth about who we are.  

Do you see the picture at the top of this post?  When was the last time you felt that free?  When was the last time you felt that content in your life?

When I struggle to see myself as I really am I pray.  It may seem like a simple thing to do but when you are in the middle of pain even simple things can be difficult.  And I don't make any fancy prayers.  I just cry to the Lord and ask Him to remind me who I am to Him.

I open my Bible and I read it.  And I review my life. I look for the times when God has answered my prayers, or the prayers of others on my behalf, and I thank God for caring about my life.

I also remind myself that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He cared for me in the past and He will surely do the same today and tomorrow.

Sometimes I realize that I have to forgive myself for something I'm not letting go of.  Perhaps I messed up in a relationship or at work or the bank account has an overdraft fee, etc.  It can be so easy to forgive others compared to having to forgive ourselves.

Sometimes I listen to music that is uplifting or I listen to pod casts or radio programs that help me focus on who I am in God's eyes.

I think the process of rediscovering God's love for us is as uniquely personal as each of our relationships to Him tend to be.  

Let me encourage you today.  Who are you?  You are so important to God that He died for you.  You are so precious that nothing and nobody can touch you without first getting permission from God Himself.  Your purpose is so incredibly important that it doesn't matter what position in life you have.  What matters is your attitude.  God is molding your heart.  Trust Him to make you shine like the sun.  You, who you are and everything you feel, is a miracle.  Your life is a blessing and it could be that there are people watching what God is doing in your life even if you are unaware of it.

Believe me when I say that if you ask God to remind you of who you really are He will!  Be assured that you are not a nobody or anyone even remotely insignificant!  You are loved!  You are needed! The angels fight to protect you every moment you live! You matter to God.  But don't take my word for it.  Ask Him.

Blessings to you.


Britt said...

Awesome post!!! I truly and totally could relate and really needed to hear what you wrote. How many times I think I'm a nobody and am below everyone else. Thank you for reminding me that God loves me as much as everyone else!!!

Jedidja said...

Thanks. This is waht I need today.

Denise said...

Bless you for this encouraging post.

T-Childs said...

Really good post. It takes a long time for some of us just to be happy with who we are. By the way, love the new photo of you, you are so pretty!


Britt: I'm thankful you were encouraged!

Jedidja: I praise God you were encouraged.

Denise: God is good.

T-Childs: This is very true.