September 03, 2013

Simple Cravings

The other day I was listening to piano music which were early piano compositions of well known composers.  And the thought occurred to me that I am a professor of music.  Shouldn't I be listening to complicated and well-advanced piano compositions?

And I told myself that... no.  I don't have to be listening to challenging music.  Of course I do when I'm teaching difficult music to my students or preparing such pieces myself.  But when it comes to just listening while I'm doing chores or driving or doing anything else, I find that simple music brings me the most joy.

Perhaps I connect happy childhood memories with the simpler compositions.  Perhaps my mind isn't tempted to analyze the performance of more complicated works.  Maybe a bit of both.  But my point is that sometimes, or perhaps the way life is for many of us, many times simple is better.

And I think this is the way we are with our spiritual walks as Christians too.  There are times when we really need to put out the effort to study the Word of God and research the cultures and ancient world history. This helps us have a better understanding of the people in the Bible and the events that took place.  I find that when I study deeply, those are the times when I experience many amazing "ureka!" moments.

But I know that when I'm going through difficult times it isn't all the cultural and historical and theological research I've done that brings me comfort.  Its the simple truths I learned from reading the stories of how God helped his children.  The story of David and Goliath.  The story of Joshua and Ruth.  To name just a few.  

Sometimes we just need to go back and remember the wonder and amazement we experienced when we first read the Bible stories and realized that they really happened.  And our spiritual development needs those visits back to the early days of our faith.  We need to relive the passion and hope and inspiration that first captured our hearts and minds so completely.

Even in the physical realm we need those moments.  Not just with what we listen to music-wise, but what we eat, and where we go. For instance, there is much peace in nature.  Just imagine sitting on a hill on a beautiful day with clear skies and pastoral views.  It is this feeling my whole being experiences when I cut my thoughts back to the simple.  

Similarly God calls us back to take upon us His yolk.  Jesus states that his yolk is easy and His burden is light.  May we always feel free to go back to the beginning without thinking it beneath us.  May we always remember our initial joys and wonder at the One who created us to be with Him.

" Take my yolk upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls. For my yolk is easy and my burden is light."
~ Matthew 11: 29 + 30


T-Childs said...

Simple is often best. Life is always complicated, and everything is convoluted and difficult. Yet the Gospel message is essentially a simple one. And sometimes the best tunes are the simplest. Ode to Joy by Beethoven is one such 'tune'; magnificent yet simple, even basic. But what music!

Just come back from a short break in North Wales, and was up on a mount with clear skies and beautiful views; the soul takes delight in such things that could not be bought at any earthly price.

Denise said...

Amen, amen.


T-Childs: I agree. And Ode to Joy is just beautiful. I imagine the mountains were beautiful too! I'm happy you were able to go and have those wonderful moments.

Denise: Yes! Yes!