October 24, 2013

Giant Dutch Blitz, Game Nights, and Corn Mazes

Late September into October are when many outdoor activities and celebrations are thrown here in the northern US.  This year I enjoyed playing Giant Dutch Blitz.  This is a card game but a few friends decided to make a super-sized version that could be played outdoors.

This was a new challenge!  And because it took so much more energy to move and shuffle cards we all decided to work in teams.

There were lull sometimes while every team kept shuffling through cards waiting to find one they could put down in the center.  But once a team found a card they could lay down then things rolled really fast!  We could hardly run fast enough to get as many of our cards as we could into the center piles.

And you can imagine that we had wonderful time.  The weather was wonderful!

A few weeks later I threw a game night at my home.  And I really enjoyed baking for all my guests.  Everyone was invited to bring a favorite game along.  That's usually how I discover new games.  Someone always brings one I have never played before and its so much fun to learn something new.

And although grandmother is no longer able to bake I was happy that she could decorate a few cupcakes with fall sprinkles.   It certainly made her happy. :)

And of course October isn't complete without the traditional evening of a flashlight maze with friends.  This year the theme was pirates sailing on the ocean.

When you enter the maze each team is given a map.  You have to find all the barn mailboxes hidden in the maze to find the map pieces so you can find your way out.  You can imagine how this soon becomes a challenge at night with only the help of a flashlight.  But that is the fun!

Here is the first barn mailbox my team found.  Each mailbox has a picture that corresponds to the map and we just have to match them in order to reveal a new section of the map.  Tape is provided so that the map pieces stick to our paper.  We certainly wouldn't want to lose a piece of our map whilst traipsing around a corn maze in the dark! 

And voila!  My team was the only one out of all my friends that found all the map pieces and made it out in good time.  Yay!  Teamwork.

As you can see, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me.  Fall is a wonderful season and provides so many fun outdoor activities.  

What do you enjoy doing during the fall?

" He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle's!"
Psalm 103:5


jodi said...

What did you make the giant dutch blitz cards out of??

SimplySincerity said...

Hello Jodi, I'm sorry for the late reply. I've been traveling. I didn't actually make the cards. But I believe some friends who brought them, made the cards out of card stock. The large sheets you find only in craft stores. And they painted them with markers and acrylic paints. I can't remember if they covered them with a sealant or not.
I hope this helps! Thanks for visiting.