June 11, 2012

A Tale of Trash, Pain, Disgruntled Grandmothers, and Poop

So my day didn't exactly start on a happy note.  Actually it wasn't really any musical note that I know of.  It was more like the sound of heavy machinery and trash.  I forgot to close my bedroom window last night and heard the trash men dumping trash bags and recyclable bottles and cans into the dump truck.  I could hear it all very clearly because my bed is beside my bedroom window, which is right above my driveway, which is right on the main street where all the trash is picked up.

It was rather loud.  It was very early.  As in the sun didn't come up yet.  It was suppose to be the first day in a while that I could sleep in.

So I decided to get up.  Except that when I turned my head I felt something in my neck crack and was instantly rewarded with horrible neck pain.  Apparently it is going to storm badly tomorrow.  For me the weather channel is wholly unnecessary.

Getting up became quite the exercise in stamina and pain management.

You can bet that I went straight for a hot shower to help ease my discomfort.  Only that my mother, bless her soul, decided to take a shower in her bathroom at the same time completely oblivious to my plight.   The water was not hot.

Getting dressed, performing normal chores, etc. were all done under the influence of  precision agony.

Fast forward several hours into the evening. It was my turn to make dinner for everyone so I started the preparations.  Mother desired a meal we hadn't eaten in a long while and I couldn't remember what ingredients to include at a certain point in the cooking.  So I stepped outdoors, where she was gardening, and asked for a few tips.  It was beautiful weather to be sure.  Were it not for the terrible pain in my neck I would never think a storm is on its way. The chorus of the birds and the soft, cool breeze were wonderful.

A half hour later dinner was served. Thankfully the food cooked well and I happily served each plate.  Grandma didn't like the flavor or consistency of the meat and threw her entire plate into the trash.

I finally sat down to eat.  And that's when it happened.  I brushed aside a few stray locks of hair and felt something wet.  I pulled my hand back and found a mysterious white substance.

What could it be?  I wondered.  I hadn't touched my head while cooking.  And suddenly I realized that those "wonderful" singing birds outside had pooped on my hair.

Hm.  Perhaps that was why the one, energetic fly that managed to get into the house kept buzzing around my head all evening.

So, another shower.

I know God loves me.  Its just that some days are difficult and I need to turn to Him for patience and endurance.  And He gives abundantly.  God is good yesterday, today, and forever.

" And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them." ~ Romans 8:28


lgsquirrel said...

I hope you are feeling better. I guess we all get one of those days from time to time. I actually had a very similar experience of a day with everything going wrong from start to finish. The last straw so to speak was getting caught in the rain as I ran to the bus station to catch the bus home. Standing there, soaking wet and finding out that the scheduled bus was delayed by more than half an hour, I asked God: "What else can go wrong with this day?" At that exact moment, nesting swiftlets in the rafters of the bus station pooped on my head. After that, I just had to laugh.

banning brewd said...

what a miserable day! hopefully the rest of your week is better...

Beth said...

I hope today is a better one for you!


lgsquirrel: Thank you. It is raining today so my neck was correct. The pain is not as bad today.

Getting stuck in the cold rain and then getting pooped on would be a real bummer for me too. So sorry that happened to you. But, as you say, its good to be able to laugh about our situations. :D


banning brewd: Yep. I'm glad the day ended. At least I had a safe, clean, comfortable place to rest my head at night. I'm sure that whatever else happens this week, God will be there to pick me up. :) Thank you for the well wishes!

Beth: Thank you! I hope you have a good day too.