April 27, 2012

Are You Up For Adventure?

I was very blessed to be born and raised in a family where Christian values were cherished and taught as often as possible.  I learned about God's word not just from reading The Bible but also from hearing it told to me in inspiring stories.  

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my brother and I listening to radio broadcasts or radio theatre.  And my absolute favorite program was Adventures in Odyssey.  

As time went by life became very busy and I eventually left home to go to college.  When I finally graduated I had forgotten all about the radio.

But God has a funny way of bringing our hearts back to a place where it is tender and malleable in His hands.  So one evening, several years after graduation, I was riding in my car and decided to turn on the radio.  Lo and behold what did my ears hear?  Yup.  Adventures in Odyssey.

I was ecstatic!  I had not listened to an episode in years and all the character voices were exactly as I remembered them!  Then I thought I was listening to reruns. How could a program so clean and fun survive in the society we live in today?  But I was curious and did a quick google search to discover that the program has been doing great!  All these years and it is still going strong!

You can  visit their website here: Whits End.

There you will learn about all the characters I fell in love with as a kid.  There's Whit, or Mr. Whittaker, as he's called by all the younger characters on the show.  And there's Eugene and Connie.  But there are so many more lovable characters you just have to meet!

The quality of the shows are top-notch.  They record in Hollywood and feature voice talents who have extensive experience not only in radio but in animated movies as well.

I know the show's main target audience is for kids and teens but I absolutely LOVE it!  And sometimes the stories make me tear up.  There. I said it.  The stories are so well done that sometimes I'm close to tears.  But don't take my word for it.  You have to experience Odyssey for yourself. 

And if you find that you've gotten hooked, not a bad thing mind you, then perhaps you would like to see an animated version.  They can still be found with a little bit of searching.

So are you up for a little adventure?  Don't have the funds to travel you say?  Not to worry.  All you need is a half hour, a radio or laptop, and your imagination.  You can even download episodes in the form of podcasts.  So what are you waiting for?! :)


Kerry Luddy said...

I had my children listen to A in O when they were little, and they loved it. Special memories--and I did not know the show was still being produced!


Kerry: It is such a great program! I am just tickled that it has been doing well for so long without the hype of TV commercials or Hollywood advertising.

That is all God's doing. Kudos to them for being faithful stewards to the talents God has given them.