April 29, 2012

Sometimes it Rains, Sometimes it Pours

There was a time, according to the Bible, when the Earth never knew rain.  All the water was supplied by lakes, natural fountains, and rivers.  So when God passed his judgement on humanity He caused the clouds to rain hard without ceasing for forty days and forty nights.  He burst open the underground rivers and fountains and the whole world was flooded.

Can you imagine what Noah and his family might have been thinking while they were building the ark?  Can you imagine what people said to them?

The Bible says that God ordered Noah to also fill the ark with every kind of food to eat so that he and his family and all the animals would not starve.  How much food would that have been?  And did they designate a restroom area? (I'm sorry to mention that but I have to wonder!)

The Bible mentions only one window on the ark.  They were completely sealed inside.  

And then when the flood waters rose so high that even the highest mountains on the Earth were covered, the ark must have rocked and tossed about.  Did Noah and his family get sea-sick? Did any of the animals?  

And speaking of the animals,  how did they all get along and not cause chaos in the ark?

There is no doubt in my mind that everything that happened concerning the flood was a miracle.  Only God could bring so many animals to the ark.  Only God could supply all the food that Noah and the animals would need to survive.  Only God could keep all the animals, wild and domestic, calm and obedient to Noah and his family.  And only God could keep everyone on the ark healthy and sane.

Can you imagine what a tremendous noise the rains must have made against the ark?  And the sounds of lightning and thunder and the mighty, rolling waves?  Sounds that had never been heard before!  I'm certain that must have been frightening. 

But surely experiencing first-hand how God saved them brought some relief from uncertainty.

I wonder what Satan and his army were thinking when they watched what God did to the whole world.  I'm certain they didn't see that coming.

Noah's family must have felt so many emotions when they finally stepped off the ark.  Nothing would ever be the same.  They would never see their friends, or towns again. They would never sit under their favorite tree or see all the vegetation they once knew in this new version of Earth.  It must have been so difficult.  

But at the same time I'm certain the peace they knew in their lifetime was amazing!  The world was theirs!  And God blessed them for their obedience and faith.   

Genesis chapters 6-9


Daisy said...

Thanks for helping me experience a new closeness to the Noah's Ark story :) I like the picture at the end.


Daisy: You are very welcome! :) Its funny, I've read Noah's story so many times before but never really thought of what it would be like to experience the flood first-hand.

I love it when I see God's word in a new light!

Amrita said...

I love th e story of Noah. As I child I saw a movie called The bible which has the flood episode in it. Just amazing.

God must have planned everything so perfectly for the humans and animals to survive the 40 day plus ordeal. Only God could do it. Noah and his family 's obedience and trust is remarkable. I am sure they were ridiculed and mocked as they built the ark, but that did not deter them.

Thaqnks for this lesson , the pictures are great too.

Pray you are doing good.


Amrita: Thank you for your prayers. They are always appreciated! :) Yes, Noah and his family were tremendous in their faith.

I'm thankful God included their story in the Bible. And at the same time I wonder how many other miraculous stories are happening today with Christians all over the world that we will never know until we get to heaven!