December 17, 2010

Sounds Of Baroque

When I was very young my mother surprised me with a recorder.  I had just recently unearthed it from a box I had long forgotten.  It is in great condition and I immediately began getting reacquainted with the finger placements. 

The sounds are so earthy and mellow, well, up until I try to play in the higher octaves.  I need more practice.  But it brought me joy to be able to make music on it again!  

But I can't say that I remembered all the finger placements on my own.  I did have to search online for charts.  Like this one.

Reading music for the recorder isn't difficult for me since I already play piano and violin, both of which require a solid understanding of the Treble Cleff.  But unlike the piano and violin, with the recorder you have to blow air into the instrument to make any sound.  And if you want to create a beautiful, straight tone then you have to practice how you blow.  Not so easy.  But with practice it can be done. 

For me it is also tricky ending the sounds I create.  Sometimes they are clean... sometimes they squeak. :)  I make myself laugh too, depending on the sounds that come out. 

And then a thought came to me.  Perhaps this is how I am suppose to view my spiritual life too.  I realize that there are things about my life I want to change.  I realize that there are things in my life that I want to improve.  But I also know that I don't always know how to do that! So for me its a great help to know that God has already given me guidance in the Bible.

But it is an even greater comfort to know that any change in me for the better will be done by Him. Because He's the only one who really knows what needs to change in my life and how best to do it.  All He wants me to do is trust in Him and enjoy the experience.  And instead of beating myself up every time I fail I should forgive myself.  And especially with the mistakes that don't really matter I should learn to just laugh more!  Like when I was trying to make nice tones on my recorder.

God is soooo patient.  What a phenomenal teacher He is!

 And since I have been craving to make beautiful music on my recorder I decided to search for excellent examples of what I want to sound like.  So following is a wonderful Recorder ensemble I found. This video has inspired me to keep practicing! Who knows... maybe I will play just as good one day. Can't blame me for dreaming, right? :) Enjoy!

                " He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle's!" Psalm 103:5

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