December 09, 2010

A Movie Worth The Price

My posts of late have been on the more serious sides of things.  So I'm going to write about something not so serious today.  I don't normally have time for movies and most are not worth paying to see anyhow.  But a few days ago friends took me to the movie theatre for a fun time and we watched Disney's new movie, Tangled.  And I have to say that Disney actually did a very good job.  The story is a version of the fairy tale Rapunzel.  

The characters are very likeable and the music is very good! Of course being a musician that would be the first thing I noticed. :)  The story revolves around four characters: 

Flynn, the reluctant hero;

                                              Rapunzel, the naive damsel in distress;

                                                         Maximus the intelligent horse;

                                                    and Rapunzel's "mother" Gothel.

The issues of selfishness and selflessness are key in this tale but they are not "dummied" down for audiences. There is a lot of humor but also a lot of charm and several moments are surprisingly touching.   If you have the time I would recommend going to see Tangled.  Bring a friend or loved one along and stay with the normal movie experience.  The 3D, from what I have heard, is not worth the extra bucks.  Tangled is visually stunning and beautiful just as it is.


Jesse N.M. said...

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Jesse: Hello and welcome. :) Thank you for the kind words.