January 13, 2010

Avatar Fails to Impress

Everyone by now has heard of the movie Avatar.  I have seen the many commercials and visited the website and I am not impressed with the "eye candy." It reminds me of a glorified video game.  My brother went to see the film, against my recommendation that he not, and returned home upset that he spent time and money watching it.   He shared that there is no depth to the story and that there are repeated attempts to persuade audiences that governments, such as the United States, are inherently evil and only seek war and death to innocent peoples.

Its just another attempt by James Cameron to push his personal ideals into the minds of susceptible people.  I had thought of him as just another Hollywood producer until I did a little more digging about his past projects.   And learning what I have of Cameron, I am not surprised his stories have such negative themes.

I honestly think he has something against Christianity.  The most blatant proof of this is his Discovery Channel documentary debacle.  It aired on March 4 2007 and was entitled    " The Lost Tomb of Jesus."  In the "documentary" he claimed that the Talpiot Tomb, unearthed by Israeli archeologists, is the actual tomb of Jesus Christ.  Cameron made further claims that this tomb proves that Jesus didn't rise from the dead and had actually been married to a woman called Mariamne (who is supposedly Mary Magdelene) and they had a son named Judah.

Cameron even went further to say that he had DNA evidence to prove all this was true.  The problem is that it isn't.  If you want to know more about this Hollywood producer's documentary you begin your research at these two place: James Cameron and here Archeological Identity Theft.

What makes me sad is that so many people, including Christians, have paid to go see this man's film without realizing that their money is going to help him with whatever future projects he has planned.  It is alway smart to research producers, films,  or whatever if you don't know what its all about.  And with the internet being so accessible there really is no excuse to just take the word of fellow employees, newspapers, news channels or any other outlet that offers pre-digested information.

Okay.  I'm getting off my soap box now.

James 1:5 " But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach; and it will be given to him."



Being a non cinema goer I don't think I will be seeing this film, however after reading your account of it I doubt whether I would have paid to see it anyway.
Loved the way you wrote about it.
Take care.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hmmm. Being a sci-fi geek, I have as much chance resisting the pull to see the movie as a Romulan spaceship escaping the gravitational pull of a black hole. (I haven't yet only because of work commitments). I already know the plot sucks but I sadly confess that I wanna see the "eye candy".

I was not aware of James Cameron's "documentary" efforts. You have made me change my mind about him and will treat his future work with a lot more discernment.

I certainly hope that his "documentary" did not fool people.


Yvonne: Being a non cinema goer isn't bad. You really aren't missing much and you save money too. :)

Mr. LGS: Don't worry. I won't judge you. :) But I am glad that I was able to warn you about Cameron. Its very sad I think. Most folks in Hollywood are talented in what they do. I think the best thing we as Christians can do is warn each other of wrongs that could affect people negatively and pray for those who are so set to do them.