January 07, 2010

Blog Spammers. Ugh!

Well its a new year and spammers are up to their new tricks.  I had recently discovered the " tweet this" button and applied it to the right bar of my template. Then I tried adding it to my post as well. Boy did I think my blog was snazzy.  Hah!  Two days later I found that I could only see my blog for about two seconds before it was redirected to a spam site under the internet address: searchinvented.com/.

Needless to say I was quite miffed.  So I started doing some digging and found this wonderful blog called "The Real Blogger Status."  This post: Blogger Blogs Redirecting really helped me.  But just to make sure I was doing the right thing I also asked for help on Blogger and was soon directed to the "tweet this" button as well.  Many thanks Mr. nitecruzr for your help!  Apparently spammers are taking this code and using it to take over the web one blog at a time.  Or multiple blogs at a time as the case seems to be.

I went into dashboard and clicked on the "layout" tab. Then I removed the "Java Script" code I had added to my template's right bar. Next I had to remove the code from my post.  I clicked on "Edit Post" tab and then clicked on "Edit HTML."  From there it was just a simple matter of scrolling down until I found the evil code and deleted it.  Voila!  Problem solved!  Do remember to clear your cache though before you continue on the internet.

I wasn't planning on posting about spammers but... if this post helps someone out then I'm happy to do it. :)  Beware the "tweet this" button! Beware!!



I'm afraid I'm one of those persons that don't understand Twitter. I too tried to press tweet but got little or no response. My son did say it was easy but I can just about find my way around a pc, so I'll be twitterless I think.



Yvonne: I feel your pain.