October 29, 2009

Being A Kid Today Is Tough!

The other day I was struck with how sad and unhappy so many kids are these days.  Sure they have lots of friends and lots of stuff but that isn't enough for the majority I have met.

And as a private music teacher I've noticed that most kids these days are involved in too many activities!  They're in sports (sometimes two or three), in drama, in ballet, etc. and they are tired.  They go home after their music lesson just to finish homework.

I have wondered why children are so busy and I think part of the problem stems from their homes. Many parents, not all but MANY, are too busy to spend quality time with their children.  They seem to think that if the kids are distracted with their friends, or activities, or achieving all kinds of awards, then that's enough.  But its not.

So many kids have shared with me broken hearts and dreams and they almost always center around their relationships at home. 

I don't think there are any easy answers to this growing problem but I do think kids need to be taken away from distractions. The TV, internet, cell phones, and video games have taken a toll on our society. The younger generations need to learn how to interact with others in the realm of reality. And the best way for them to learn this is from their parents.

Teachers of any learning level cannot be expected to teach kids everything they need to learn for life. We simply can't be with the kids at home or have as great an impact as their own parents.  

I have had too many parents think that if their kids talk to me then that will be enough to help them get over their frustrations.  I wish that were true... but its not.

Now being a parent is tough at any point in human history!  I'm not trying to diminish that fact.  But there is a certain level of responsibility and sacrifice in becoming one.  Parents had their time to just be a kid.  It is not fair that their children don't get the same opportunity.  

Business never replaces dinner with the family, or talks with dad, or window shopping with mom, or simply sharing time together without distractions.  Letting kids raise themselves is also not a good idea.  Kids need loving role models to learn how to live productive, honorable lives. 

So let me encourage any of you readers who know parents to help them out if they need it.  Pray for them, be someone they can trust.  And if you know folks who are parents but you have no idea how to help them, then ask God to show you how.

And if you happen to be a parent, may God bless you!  Its a tough job but also the most rewarding.



How I agree with this excellent post.
Todays children live in a different world to what I knew as a child. The competition for employment is fierce also the world is changing so quickly even as I write, I don't envy today's child one bit.

Amrita said...

What you are saying here is very true. Its the same in my country. There i a lot of school work too. Th kids are simply overburdened with assignments.