January 23, 2009

Humane or Not

This past Friday, January 23, president Obama, with the applause and adulation of Hillary Clinton, reversed the " Mexico City Policy" that effectively protected US tax dollars from going to fund the UNFPA (U.N. Population Fund.) The UNFPA in China supports a family planning policy that performs coercive abortions and involuntary sterilizations on women.

Forced abortions began in earnest within China when it implemented a One-Child policy in 1980.

Now, just the idea of forcing anyone to have any invasive procedure done to them makes me mad. That... and makes my skin crawl. But to go so far as to force women, who are perfectly healthy, to abort their healthy and wanted babies, and then take the uterus out of those women so they can never get pregnant again makes me FURIOUS. Where's the choice of the mother? How is this kind of act humane? President Obama and friends want to use MY hard-earned tax dollars to go towards supporting that?! ...?!?!

But you don't have to take my word on it. Just a simple search on google quickly found an article for me on NPR( the National Public Radio) about what's happening in China. Here is the link. Cases of Forced Abortions

And here is a link to see what's happening in the US. Obama reverses abortion-fund policy

These are dark times. Women's rights are being stripped away and women themselves are being abused without any remorse. I'm sorry but as a woman myself I can't and will never agree with any organization or persons that support this type of government.

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algelic said...


In these cases it's impossible to make a right decision. If you say "No" to something, it'll benefit some people and prejudice others, just as saying "Yes" does.

In this particular case, that fund may have the big disadvantage of supporting China's horrible laws... but it will help other countries tremendously.

President Obama probably didn't make this decision lightly... he weighed the pros and cons and concluded that the pros were heavier.

Note that I'm completely against China's abortion policy. But they're a country ruled by ruthless people who are too narrow-minded and old-fashioned to change their ways. It'll be a long time before we can change their mentality.