February 08, 2009

Just Another Day

Life at home is always interesting. There are plenty of animals to play with, people to talk to, and things to do. Arriving home from work one day I saw the neighborhood cat waiting to greet me in front of the garage door.

He was, of course, hoping for a meal. How could I say no?

He's a neat cat. He knows how to safely cross the streets, catches mice and squirrels, and scares away groundhogs. Since he's adopted my home we have seen a significant drop in the squirrel population. That's good news to us because squirrels had eaten through our neutral wires and the house nearly caught on fire from the subsequent electrical surge.

Not too long after that day we finally sold our last puppy. He was so cute and loving!

Well, okay. Maybe he didn't look so "cool" with a blue bow in his hair but he was happy anyway. :) His parents, on the other hand, were sad to see him go. Especially his mother, Emma. Emma is white and Elmo is black and white. They wanted to follow the family that took the puppy but that wasn't possible. Poor things. We gave them extra snacks and attention.

And to be true to one of my New Year's resolutions I have taken up the responsibility making dinner for everyone. Viola! Behold one of my dinner concoctions. Turkey paddies, steamed white rice and zucchini with a side of chili sauce. Mmmm. :)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Squirrels are your friends! Squirrels are your inquisitive and exuberant friends!

Sincerity said...

I'm sorry Mr. LGS perhaps most squirrels are. :)