November 04, 2008

The Natural and The Artificial

I was so tired of being indoors; too many TVs, radios, mp3s, artificial lights, etc. I think many of us don't realize how inundated we are with artificiality. I stepped outside and looked up at the night sky. The stars, the moon... there is so much beauty in the natural things of life!

The main thing I appreciate the most about the natural ways of life is how much peace can be found there. We as humans are always so unhappy with the way things are and always have been that we feel things must be changed. But not just changed... improved. Only problem is... our improvements are no better, and most times aren't even as good, as the original.

The human heart desires more than what this world can offer. And I say this because I see the suffering all over the world! Most people do not have comfortable lives and have never known what its like to be entertained 24/7. Why is it that we think comfy living is the natural way of life? Just because it is all we have known?

There is more to life than getting the next new iPod or pair of shoes or new video game. Too many people connect their self-worth with the amount of stuff they own. So many folks believe that if they could just get the next new thing their lives will somehow be better. But they only find themselves wanting more... they're filled with artificial happiness and never filled with true joy.

This ultimate happiness can't be found in any kind or amount of material possession. I would know. For me, personally, true joy... true happiness is found in Jesus Christ. He is very real to me and I often find meaning for my life in God. He's not a myth or religious symbol. He is very real and everything I could want... the missing piece of my heart.

So how about you? Are there things in your life that you cling to but really don't need? If everything you owned was taken away... could you still be happy?


Gledwood said...

Here here that is a lovely post and a great photograph. I love your lil self portrait btw; how d'you like mine? Don't eat me...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wonderful post, powerful reflections and a beautiful photo.

Sincerity said...


Welcome! Thank you for your kind comments. Hm. I think your self portrait is too cute to eat. So I'll just admire it, instead. :)

Mr. LGS:

Thanks. You know me... I just write things as I see them. :)

algelic said...

I know what you mean. Now that I'm in a new college, I no longer walk through the park when I go to classes. And it's been months since I've been to my grandparents' town, where I usually relax in that countryside quiet.

The greatest treasure is outside, under the clear blue sky. It's infinitely more beautiful than anything manmade!