October 15, 2008

Poseidon Undersea Resort

The other day I was hanging out with my brother and he introduced me to a fascinating sight about an exclusive resort set on the floor of the sea in Fiji. The resort is scheduled to open in 2010 and has so much to offer it boggles the mind!

There is a wealth of activities for everyone there! They give folks lessons piloting the resorts exclusive submarine, you can explore the reefs, you can take a submersible and dive down to depths of 1000 feet, go scuba diving, participate in all kinds of water sports, para-sail, explore nine caves, gaze at the stars via the resorts own observatory, have picnic lunches on a private honey moon island, and so much more!

But as great as all this sounds... the best experience, by far, is the week-long stay in the underwater resort. The views will be amazing and everything is perfectly safe. There are divers that exercise emergency escape routines every day and each room can be isolated from the rest of the resort structure should there ever be a breach. But the materials that the resort is made of are equal to the submarines of the United States, which have excellent records of being the safest way to live or travel in the ocean. The only way to actually cause a breach would be through high explosives.

Of course, none of this is affordable to most people but... one can dream, right? :)I just can't help thinking what an incredible honey-moon experience going to a place like this would be. * sigh* God sure makes the most beautiful and breathtaking environments, doesn't He? What better place to get way for romance than in the natural splendor He created!

To learn more about Poseidon Undersea Resort visit: Poseidon Undersea Resort

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