October 02, 2008

Teenage Dreams

Its not enough to have a dream
unless I'm willing to pursue it

It's not enough to know what's right
unless I'm strong enough to do it

It's not enough to join the crowd,
to be acknowledged and accepted,
I must be true to my ideals,
even if I'm left out and rejected

It's not enough to learn the truth
unless I also learn to live it

It's not enough to reach for love
unless I care enough to give it.

~ Unknown

This Saturday, October 4th, is my birthday and I suddenly find myself realizing how quickly the years go by. I look back and wonder about what my life has accomplished. Did any of it matter beyond the material? Did I nurture any lasting friendships? Did I let my family know through my actions how much I love them? Have I grown closer to God ... or further from Him?

No one can really know the full impact their life has had on people around them. So this weekend when I make my " Birthday Wish" I'm going to be thinking about these things... but I can't say exactly what I'll wish for or it won't come true, right? :)

I wonder what the future holds for me. I wonder what the future holds for my loved ones. And I guess, while I do all this wondering, I think its a blessing to not know what's coming up next. The future is too complicated for anyone to take on. God knows that and in His wisdom chooses to let us handle life one day at a time. But sometimes... even that can be a handful!

Its alright. One day this life will end and a new one will begin. I wonder... what will that life be like? I guess God's going to keep that a surprise for as long as possible. When the time is right, He'll give me that present and it will be the most beautiful gift I have ever received.

Onward then! Time to add a new year! And what about you? What do you think about when your birthday taps your shoulder?


Vicki said...

Hi Sincerity! Very reflective post which I enjoyed. These are things I ponder too as birthdays come and go. Perhaps as I'm even older now (52) these types of questions matter even more, especially those pertaining to my relationships.

I wish you a joyous and blessed birthday and pray you'll find treasures of hidden grace as you walk with Him yet another year.


Sasha said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope the next year is a good one for you :)

Sincerity said...

vicki: Thank you for the birthday wishes! I too hope I continue finding God's grace during the year. And welcome!:)

sasha: Hey girl! Thanks a bunch! I hope so too! :)