October 01, 2007

Consequences for Careless Driving

Have you ever seen how aggressive and short-sighted some people drive? On occasion it is necessary to do so but most of the time these drivers are just bullies behind the wheel. There are a few things that really irk me: When people are talking (or texting) on their cell phone while driving, when drivers cut in front of me at the very last second (even when there are no cars behind me), when people use turning lanes to pass as many cars as they can just to be ahead, and when some folks decide to sit in the center of an intersection knowing full well that they no longer have the green light. In New York City you would be given quite a hefty ticket for that little move.

But maybe what troubles me the most about all these behaviors and then some, is that the folks who do them are putting other people's lives, and the quality of other lives, at risk!

I think that the way we live in this society is unhealthy in many ways but perhaps one of the biggest stresses is that so many people are always in such a rush to get somewhere. Which leads me to the photos. The green car is mine. Its totaled. And the driver of the white car is the reason why. She was in too much of a rush to look both ways before dashing out of a StarBucks in order to make a left-hand turn on a very busy highway. Apparently she was hoping to beat traffic from the on-coming lane before they're light turned green.

I have been struggling to regain strength in my arms, neck, and back. The impact was stronger than anyone originally thought but the damage to the car doesn't look so bad at first glance. These past few weeks have found me in physical therapy and doctor visits and trying to find rides to work. There have been issues with the insurance companies so I am still without a car, even a rented one, until it is all cleared up.

But as aggravating as all these events are I'm so thankful that no one was seriously injured. And although I really, really wish the woman had taken a moment to reconsider her actions, I'm not mad at her. It just makes me sad that some people simply don't think about all the lives put at risk when they decide to do something careless or down-right selfish on the road.

And its sometimes hard to understand why bad things happen even when you do everything right. But, personally, I take comfort in God. I put my life and everything that happens to it in His hands. Not because I'm naive or too lazy to see reality, but because there are things in life that have no explanation and when human reasoning ends... the answers have to lie elsewhere.

As my strength returns I will be posting more frequently. But all of you readers do be careful out there. Leave early so you have time to get where you need to be, make important phone calls once you're vehicle stops, and always wear your seatbelt. :)

There was another stranger involved in the accident. A witness stepped forward, checked on everyone in both cars, and used his cell phone to call 911. He was the only person to stop and help. Many folks slowed to stare at us but no one offered a lending hand except for that man. So... if you ever see an accident, if its safe to do so, please stop and help. Assumptions, such as thinking someone else will call it in or check on the victims, are dangerous. Why? Because every second counts when you're dealing with shock and internal injuries which are not always noticeable on the outside.

Thinking back on that man's kindness made me want to do something for him in return. So I'm planning to get the info of that " Good Samaritan" once the police report comes out and give him a small token of appreciation.

Until next post, drive safely! :)

" All things work together for good to them that love the Lord."

Romans 8:28


Clubbs said...

Amen, Amen!

Oh I am so with you on this one...

Every, Every Minute

Sincerity said...

clubbs: Hello. Thanks. I imagine there are many people who agree. Maybe something I said in this post will help someone think twice before doing a reckless move on the road.

mitzh said...

Hope you'll get well soon!

I agree to all you've said in this post. And yes, the kindness of a stranger is so rare but a true blessing.

Take care and have a good week ahead.

Sincerity said...


Thanks a bunch! I am getting better. Physical therapy is playing a large part in my recovery.

Anonymous said...

I pray that you are doing better. I totaled my car three years ago when someone on the side of the road waved another person to come out of a side road...not realizing that there was someone (mainly me) driving down the road. Long story short...same as you...totaled car, physical therapy, still have neck and back problems...still thankful that's all that happened.

algelic said...

I'm so sorry to hear you got hurt! Oh god! I wish you can get back to top shape soon! Take care of yourself!

That's the exact reason why it's been taking me so long to get my driver's license. The truth is... I'm terrifyed of driving... not because I'm bad at it, but because of all the careless people out there driving (and many don't even have a license).

If you think drivers are bad in the US... you should see my country! They're maniacs! Here the police never controls traffic or makes drivers follow the law. I'm always delayed when going to college because everyday there's some idiot causing an accident that makes traffic move slowly.

And yeah, the worst of it all really is the endangerment of people's lives. When I took my first-aid course, I learned many valuable things.

PS: have you checked my new blog? algelic[dot]wordpress.com

Sincerity said...

danielle b.:

Thanks so much! I am getting a little-bit stronger each day. But I have to take it easy or I might over do things before my muscles are ready.

Patience can be so hard sometimes. :) But I'm thankful too. Things could have been worse.

Sincerity said...


Thank you for the well-wishes! I'm working with my therapist on strengthening my muscles so I should be feeling more normal in a few more weeks. Yeah! :)

Driving can be scary and sometimes there's nothing we can do to avoid accidents but what helps is to be prepared. Knowing CPR is great!

Maybe knowing how your car insurance could help in covering costs and having a plan on what to do in various situations you might find yourself in... that might help lessen the nervousness.

Don't be afraid to drive because of the " maniacs" on the roads. Be the best driver you can be and just make sure your prepared should the worst happen.