September 15, 2007

Totally Unattractive Mouths

We all know that its important to care for our mouths. So we try to keep healthy teeth and gums by brushing our teeth and flossing. Many of us also go a step further by using whitening products to improve the appearance of our smile. But for many folks that's where taking care of the mouth ends.
Everyone knows that caring for it means a little-bit of work. Why? Because we're constantly using it! But cleaning our mouths should involve more than brushing, flossing, and rinsing. After we walk out the door in the morning people may notice how nice our teeth look, but what they will remember the most is what comes out of our mouths. No, not our breath, well unless its really pungent or something. No I'm talking about our words.

Guarding what we say isn't easy. Especially when everyone around us doesn't seem to care. But the issue of excessive swearing and cursing is one that needs some attention. Its getting a bit out of hand. Like weeds in a garden once someone starts speaking that way it tends to spread into all their conversations until it nearly becomes a new language!

Ever notice a really attractive person and get shocked to hear what's coming out of his/her mouth? Or have you noticed how little kids are spouting off curses and fowl language these days? I don't know about you but to me its disturbing to hear kids utter those things and its a major turn-off to hear good-looking people speak so ugly.

It makes me wonder... why do people curse and swear so much? Is it to impress others? Is it a desire to be accepted? Maybe a bit of both? Entertainment certainly plays a large role in the problem. And fowl language is so prevalent that it sometimes feels like a hopeless case. Why even bother when " everyone" is doing it, right? Wrong. People can improve their speech. How?

Well it starts by really listening to others and thinking about what they're really saying. Every time I've done this I've tried using different words to create the same expression or feeling. And believe-it-or-not, most people who speak fowl language excessively either express anger or frustration... or both. Those emotions are not attractive on anyone. But the good news is that people can change.

A close friend of mine had to do just this because her boss told her that her language was not appropriate for a professional establishment ( in this case an ER.) So she had people close to her, friends and family, stop her speaking every time she uttered something offensive. And you know what? It worked. Her speech has improved and she found better words to express the same meanings she wanted to share before.
But one day she said something that surprised me. She had wished someone would have told her how offensive her language had become before her boss did. That made me feel bad. I had wrongly assumed that because she spoke that way it meant that she didn't want anyone telling her otherwise.

So if someone you know has a serious problem with this issue then let them know, in a respectful manner of course, that its offensive. Like my friend, they may not even realize their speech needs a " make-over." But change of any kind takes time. Be patient.
Striving to make what comes out of our mouths as attractive as a clean, white-toothed smile is a smart move. And you can bet that people will notice the change. :)

"... for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.."

( Matthew 12:24)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Words may encourage or words may hurt. Thanks for the reminder to wash our mouths and watch our words.

mitzh said...

What lone grey squirrel said...

Thank you for reminding us the power of words.

algelic said...

I completely agree with you! -_- foul language is so wrong!

My mom swears sooooo much. I feel so bad being next to her and hearing her say all those ugly words. I've been trying to help her stop swearing... but it's been proving useless.

Sincerity said...

lone grey squirrel: You are quite welcome Mr. squirrel. :)

mitzh: Hello and you are welcome!

algelic: Hey there girlfriend! I'm sorry about your mom's swearing problem. That can be hard to be patient with. But if all else fails at least she serves as an example, in that way at least, where you might not want to follow her.

thethinker said...

I have to admit, I do swear a lot. But, it's only when I'm driving.

It's a bad habit, though. I should really try to stop.

Sincerity said...


Yeah I know how stressful and aggravating driving can be. But congrats to you for wanting to improve your... uhm... verbal expressions whilst in the wilds of the motor vehicle jungle! :)

Bob Gentile said...

I am ok for the most part but I do have some bad moments from time to time but a lot better then I use to be :-)

Thanks for the reminder!

Sincerity said...

bob gentile:

Several people have told me that this post was a good reminder for them and that makes me glad but its also a good reminder for myself too.
I'm glad to hear that you have noticed an improvement in your speech! That's awesome!

Angela said...

I try not to curse, but every so often, a word will slip out. And most people are very surpised to hear me drop an "F-bomb." But then I also have to think about it as just language, and using language to express yourself. Although it's not professional, in non-professional, personal settings, I don't see anything wrong with it. Unless it's coming out every-other word....

Sincerity said...


Thanks for visiting! I don't think its impossible for folks to stop cursing or swearing. Its hard work if one is used to doing it. But does that make people who do curse and swear somehow less important or worse in some way than those people who don't? No.
I just think when its excessive... or done with kids present... that's a clear sign that the language thing is out of control.