October 12, 2007

Fall: Season of Reflection

As I stepped outside my door this morning the air had a crisp, cool bite. It blew through the trees and rattled dry leaves, plucking a few off and dropping them on the colorful ground below. I flipped the collar of my jean jacket up to protect my neck from the chill and paused a moment to admire all that is Fall.

This season always fills me with a mixture of nostalgia and excitement. It signals the nearness of Winter and thus the upcoming end to another year. And even though the trees have no concept of time as we know it, they are faithful in surrendering their leaves. If trees could want and know as we do... would they miss the leaves they grew and wore for so many months? Would they know how letting go helps them grow stronger for winter?

My eyes fell to the ground, admiring how the sunlight danced and skipped between the shadows of branches and leaves. Even the clouds seemed to play with the light! And as I raised my eyes I saw squirrels. They were busy searching for their treasured nuts, their fluffy tails blowing in the breeze light and carefree. But for all their jittery silliness squirrels are faithful in preparing for future needs. They use their energy to find and store up much needed sustenance in winter.

It all made me wonder... what am I doing, or should be doing, to prepare for the upcoming months of my life?

Its a given that none of us know exactly where we will be or what we will be facing even a few hours from right now. Sure we make plans but life can change them at any moment. Illnesses, accidents, terrorist attacks... we really don't know what will happen when we open our eyes in the morning. So what can we do to be prepared?

Most of us would look for somebody who could give us advice, right? But even in that we have to know where to go and who to trust. So, while I was standing in the front lawn watching leaves fall I reflected on all the folks who have been a friend and helped me keep a positive attitude in life.

And then I began to think about how I came to know all these people and after a few minutes I realized that although I loved them, they were not as dear to me as the One who brought them into my life in the first place. No one understands me... loves me so completely as God.

And as I watched those falling leaves I began to think of how intricate each leaf was and how complicated I was in comparison. I wondered why God bothered to create things that ultimately faded, that ultimately died. And it was as if He whispered the answer in my ear... everything was originally made to be enjoyed... admired. He made everything so perfectly that when it finally does die we are left yearning for more, feeling deep down that this life can't be all there is. Its that awareness of something missing inside... something that yearns to be filled but can't be with anything in this life... except by Him.

That's when I realized that God is romantic. Nature, Music, Words, Love... it all came from His heart, from His passion! And just as dead leaves create new soil and then new life so it is with us. Whatever happens, whenever it happens, I know it will be okay because He is with me... because He loves me. And I realized that I too was created to be enjoyed... that maybe my real reason for existing is so He could enjoy my company as I do His. So while I stood watching those falling leaves I entrusted Him with my future. If all I have is God then I already have everything I need. There's no winter storm or terrible event that can take Him from me. I'm prepared.

How about you?

" Your power and goodness, Lord, reach to the highest heavens. You have done such wonderful things. Where is there another God like you?" Psalms 71:19


izitjo said...

It hasn't been the autumns leaves reminding me, as it's spring here where I'm from, but I can join you in being thankful none-the-less. Right now I'm very aware of God's provision. We really do have all we need!! :)

Nice to drop by and have a read. I'd be very appreciative of some tips on how you create your "read more" & "summarise" option if you get a chance!! It's a very helpful idea

Sincerity said...

izitjo: Thanks for visiting! Do come by again. :) I've been thinking about dedicating a post on the " read more-summary" behavior. Maybe I'll do that in November...

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

fall must be a nice season, especially you have such a nice view at your door step - autumn leaves.

mitzh said...

What you said is so true. God is truly amazing and his gifts goes beyond everything we could ask for.

I love autumn, of all the season I love autumn the most.

I think because it shows me the wonders and true beauty of nature and life...

Sincerity said...

pink ginger:

Fall is a beautiful season! There's nothing like the sound of thousands of leaves rustling in the wind and fluttering down to the ground!

Sincerity said...


Yup! God is amazing and He loves to go over and beyond anything we could ever imagine! He loves to thrill and He loves to give good things!
Everything He touches becomes a wonder.

algelic said...

On school days I get up at 6am and by 6:30 I leave the house and set out for a 20 minute walk.

That's always the best part of my day.

The streets are empty, the air is chilly and the sky is still covered in the night's darkness.

In my walk I cross a huge park. Everything is beautiful there. The artificial lake with the ducks and swans, the great expanse of green grass, the lonely and scattered street lamps, ...

In those minutes I realize how lucky I am to be alive. How this world is so beautiful and unique. I wish everyone can see it through my eyes. I want to capture that moment but know that not even the most expensive camera can do it. It's beyond any picture or words.

Sincerity said...


It sounds like you have a great walk in the mornings! I'm assuming that its safe for a young woman to walk alone early in the morning, right?

Most folks around here never walk for 20 minutes to go anywhere... they drive. Maybe that's why so many people have weight issues...