July 08, 2013

Whatever Happened to Dreams?

Think about your biggest, greatest dreams. 

Now think about why you haven't achieved them yet. I know there are a lot of reasons to feel like they will never happen. 

Following big dreams seemed so much easier, so much more attainable when we were younger.  Didn't it?  So what changed? What happened to those big dreams?

People have told me that you grow up and set aside dreams that don't fit in with your career.  Some people have told me that they were too afraid to fail and decided its better not to try.  Others have said to me that current responsibilities were too immediate and so their dreams had to take a back seat.  And yet others say that finances or health or the right connections are not available so they let their dreams die.

But truthfully, does anyone's greatest dreams ever truly die?  I think we all have one or two of those and we take them out and look at them once-in-a-while.  Then we sigh and shake our heads and put them away again only to repeat the process later.

I know life can be difficult.  I know it can be very scary to follow your dreams even when plans keep falling apart and no one seems to think they're worth pursuing.

But if you have a dream that just won't let you go... if you keep hoping and wishing about it... then you need to pursue it.  And you may say that its impossible.

But ask yourself this: Is anything too impossible for The Lord?

Perhaps reaching your dreams are not possible at this point-in-time for any number of reasons.  That doesn't mean they are not meant to happen.  Keep planning, searching, and hoping for them.  Don't let those dreams die because dreams never die.  But they can kill you if they're ignored.  And I don't mean to be melodramatic but isn't it true that when you deeply wish for a dream to become reality and it doesn't, something inside of you dies just a little-bit?

You have to believe that God lets His children dream big dreams for a reason.  And part of growing in faith is learning to keep hoping and planning even when right now may not show any breakthroughs.  You have to believe in yourself enough to not question your desire to pursue your dreams.  And you have to be confident with the choices that you make today towards your future. 

There have been many before us who have given up and wished they didn't.  And there have been many who came before us who pushed onward and went further than they ever thought they could.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is please don't stop dreaming!  Keep pushing yourselves to be better than what you were yesterday. Keep hoping. God sees you. He has not forgotten your dreams. I believe that if we would just trust Him to help us, then we will see our dreams come true in ways we could never imagine.

Blessings to you, fellow dreamers.

" For the Lord God is our sun and shield. He gives us grace and glory. 
The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right." 
~ Psalm 84:11 


Denise said...

good post.

Brenda said...

Looking back over our lives I suppose we have always done what we were able to do and have no regrets. We got married when I was just eighteen. Emigrated to Australia, then returned there twice more. Emigrated to Canada, turned it into a holiday and returned to Wales, and tried New Zealand once. We did much of our travelling by sea if we could and enjoyed many visits to many ports around the world on Russian ships and Greek ships. The strange thing is we have never had a lot of money but always just what we needed at the time. I can truly say we have no regrets and are now enjoying our retirement in a little bungalow taking each day as it comes with true contentment and trusting in the Lord each day. God bless you and I hope you achieve what you want.

S.W. said...

Wonderful post. :) Thank you for sharing that. I'm so happy to have read it.



T-Childs said...

Great post.