July 16, 2013

The Choice to Love

Ali Lawrie and Gloria Shuri Nava

When I first saw this photo I was stunned.  I thought it was fake... a joke even.  But as I read the accompanying article I realized that this photo was real.  And the emotions between the man and woman are real too!

That floored me.

I don't see anything wrong with a heavy woman being loved by a skinny man or vice versa.  I have an aunt and uncle who could have been famous the world over for this same exact reason.  And they are both very intelligent and good people.  In their case God is number one and that has been their rock through all their years of marriage. 

I believe that if two people have God first in their hearts then they can see through outward appearances much more easily.  And this is so contrary to our societies, isn't it?

The truth is that outward beauty dies.  Especially in regards to women.  We can't be physically youthful and beautiful forever.  Our bodies will start to wrinkle and sag and if we bear children we tend to gain permanent weight.  That's just fact.  But men don't stay youthful forever either.

What about diseases?  What about accidents?  So much could happen to you or I that could rob us of our physical appearance.  Is our faith strong enough to overcome that in ourselves or in others?

If the outward appearance is all that matters in finding a spouse, or if that is how we judge whether-or-not someone is smart or fun or... whatever then the problem isn't them... its us.  Because no one can say they look awesome every moment of every day of their lives.

The ultimate example of loving others regardless of their appearance is Jesus.  He died for the whole world and accepted us in all our collective ugliness.  I mean, Jesus is God!  He is used to perfection!  For Him to give all of that up for us is unfathomable.  And yet He did it willingly.

The Bible makes a point of telling us that Jesus loves us unconditionally.  And He yearns to be reunited with us forever.  He pleads and prays for us in heaven every moment we live.  He loves you.  He loves me.  But how can we truly understand that level of love He carries when we struggle many times to see beyond people's imperfections, mistakes, bad attitudes, etc.?

I'm humbled by the examples, few as they may seem, of people who rise above human standards.  I am encouraged by the fact that I don't have to be perfect to be worthy of love and acceptance.  I am inspired to be the best I can be and to focus on that for each person I know.

Not easy but certainly worth the effort.

So if God loves me that leaves no room to not accept myself with all my short comings and imperfections.  No one, on this side of heaven, will be beautiful all the time.  No one will have a wonderful attitude all the time.  No one will be everything you need.  Only God can do that. So once we understand that perfection belongs to Him alone, it frees us to be ourselves and it frees others to be who they are too.

True love is a real thing.  I pray each of you experience it every day.  God bless.

" For God so loved the world that he gave His only son, 
so that anyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life." 
 ~ John 3:16


Delvalina said...

I love this post.

Thank you for posting. This is so inspiring.

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Denise said...

amen, amen.

flor de cristal said...

Sabe querida amiga o amor não tem cor nem sexo ele não é preconceituoso e isso que o torna tão divino o amor é coisa de Deus e isso basta!

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Beijos carinhosos!
flor de cristal

Just Be Real said...

Appreciate you sharing.....blessings.


Delvalina: Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you were encouraged.

Denise: Isn't love beautiful?

flor de cristal: Gracias.Bienvenido.

Just Be Real: Blessings to you as well.