May 17, 2013

Pulling Up Heart Weeds

It hit me suddenly.  It robbed me of my happiness.  It hovered like a thick storm cloud in my mind.  That bitter, stubborn root that wouldn't come out.  And the harder I pulled the deeper it seemed to go.

Envy.  Not necessarily for any physical possession someone else had but for the surplus of success they experienced.  To see it happen to people who don't care about living a moral life, to see it happen to people who have never trusted God for anything... it hit a sore spot in my heart.

Psalm 73:3 " For I envied the proud when I saw them prosper despite their wickedness." 

I've witnessed people attain everything they ever wanted even when they lived in a way that was so contrary to God's will.  Some of these individuals called themselves Christians and yet they didn't harbor any guilt and continued living as they wished, suffering no consequences.

Which taught me two things:

1. It is possible that some people who think they are Christians really are not.

2. Just because someone knows Christ as their savior doesn't mean they will choose to resist
    the natural darkness in their own heart.

We know envy is wrong.  Why should anyone envy anyone for anything?  No two people are exactly alike.  That makes life beautiful and fascinating!

I hate envy and what it does to people. I hate that, at times, I find it in my own heart.  Because it means that deep down inside I'm not trusting God with my life.  Because having envy means that I'm comparing myself to others around me.  That is something God never does to any of us!

God doesn't compare me to you or you to the person next to you.  God compares us to Himself.  And if we accept Jesus as our savior then we are beautiful and desirable to Him.  We don't have to try and have or be anything more than what we already are!  And I think at times this is the most difficult thing to understand.

Perhaps part of the problem is that in our society we define success as the people who make the most money, have the highest degrees, have the most ideal spouses, and the most talented kids.  If what we have doesn't equal the best of the next person then we are lesser than them.  

This is the way the world thinks.  This is the way of the natural heart.  But God urges us to see the world and ourselves through His eyes, through His heart.  It shouldn't matter what anyone else has but what you and I do with what God has given us.

So why do we compare ourselves to others?  Why do we question our self worth? Why do the wicked prosper?  

I know what I think but I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the subject.  Please feel free to share in the comments.

God bless you as you continue to seek His will in your life.



BelovedBomber said...

I can completely relate to this post. God searches our hearts and as challenging as it is, I am glad that He is revealing what needs to be removed. Though pruning may be painful, I trust we will reap much fruit. Many blessings!

Brenda said...

Hi Sincerity,
I have to admit that I feel really content with what I have, and I know that is down to having the Lord in my life. I think about the times when I have lived in different places, never having a fancy house or lots of money, and I think that emphasises to me just what the Lord can do. In all the places we have been to, we have met some lovely people, and many of them, including us, have not had a lot of money. In fact I think if we'd had a lot of money, then I probably would not have met these people. I get extreme pleasure out of every day happenings that I know the Lord has brought about in my life. I have a love for animals and nature and it doesn't require riches to be able to enjoy them in my life.

Anonymous said...

This may be slightly off tangent but when thinking about "why do the wicked prosper?" it reflects the question on many Christians' hearts in Malaysia. We have just had our general election and it would seem that the wickedly corrupt have retained power through dishonest means.

In the end, we do have to realise that this is a fallen world and the wicked prosper because of the corrupt way of all of us as a whole. Still, we see God at work where the faithful are united in prayer and action but it can take time. We are reminded that Nelson Mandela fought apartheid and won but it took more than 25 years of his life .... but it was worth it. We here in Malaysia are now settling in for a long fight for justice.

T-Childs said...

I like this post a lot, not least because of your refreshing honesty, always better than cosy platitudes or pretending that because you or I are Christians that we can't be greedy or selfish or envious; it can happen to the best of us! And yes, there are people all over the world who prosper unjustly and ruthlessly exploit other people, and some of these may even call themselves Christians.

My story is that I come from a poor background, my parents did menial jobs for low pay even though both of them are (my dad died a while back) thoughtful and bright people, just not with a high education. On top of this because I suffered horrendous depression throughout my late teens and early twenties I also was unemployed for long periods. I do get envious when I see people with more money who are doing in life what they want to do, have come from more privileged backgrounds than my own, and who seem to have money, happiness, nice holidays and good family lives. I have a good education and I am taking a second degree, and also I am pursuing a writing career and am working hard at this most days and spare time I get. I don't want to be doing a crummy job I don't really want to be doing, at least I want to be doing something I really want to do and that fulfils me and might make a decent living one day.

We all need to count our blessings first, and stop worrying what about what we haven't got or worrying about what someone else has got.

Denise said...

Great post.

Regine Karpel said...

Wow, did I need this!


BelovedBomber: Amen! Amen!

Brenda: I'm so happy and encouraged to hear that other Christians, such as yourself, understand and can look back and see God's goodness.

lgsquirrel: I'm sorry to hear of the troubles in Malaysia. It is very frustrating to see power in the wrong hands. But God is not surprised or disheartened by current events.
We have the end of the story. We know who wins in the end. Grace and endurance to you and all who suffer injustice.


T-Childs: So true! Some people are born into privileged lives while others are not. Does that mean that one is better than the other? No. But for Christians it means that God is sovereign. He places us exactly where He wants us to be.

Sometimes that can be really difficult to swallow. But He knows us better than we know ourselves. Keep trusting, keep hoping. God never wants His children to despair.

Blessings to you.


Denise: Thank you for your kindness. God is good.

Regine Karpel: That's awesome! God has His ways of teaching our hearts what they need to know.

Thank you for visiting.

Jenna Condon said...

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