May 08, 2013

Gifts, Blossoms, and Well Wishes

So as the weeks have flown by I realized that school will be out soon.  My duties as professor at a local college will be completed by the end of this week. 

And as the weeks have become busier and busier I didn't have much time to reflect on the passing of my cat, Mozart.  But God has a way of encouraging us as we need it best.  Friends began sending me random messages of encouragement.  Several of you readers were very kind in encouraging me too. And just a few days ago a card arrived in the mail.  It was from several sweet ladies at the veterinarian clinic Mozart used to visit.

Inside the words were so kind and honest.  Everyone at the clinic loved my cat and so I knew their words were sincere.  It really cheered me up.  Well, as much as condolences can cheer one up.

That same evening I had to perform in a concert and I hadn't even had time to invite any friends.  But God put it on the mind of a special friend to find out when my performances were scheduled.  She greeted me afterwards with fresh flowers! I was so surprised.  And they smelled wonderful.  It was another encouragement to me.

And then, driving home from work the other day it seemed as if all the flowering trees in my neighborhood conspired to bloom at the same time.  There was so much color!  And there were so many flowers that their petals were blanketing the streets.  It was gorgeous!  

Once my days are little more relaxed I hope to take a leisurely walk around my neighborhood and photograph all the beautiful colors.

Meanwhile, indoors has been peaceful at home.  Our two cats, Haydn and Salieri, have finally gottten neutered and are the sweetest and cuddliest cats around.  For those of you who remember, Haydn ( the one with the spots) showed up on our back porch steps wailing and crying to come in when he was only a few weeks old.

To this day we don't know how he found us.  We still believe God led him to our door.  He knew we would need healthy, happy cats for the day Mozart would be departing.

Salieri, Sali as we affectionately call him,  speaks a lot.  It almost seems like he tries to sing whenever he sees any of us.  He is the first to greet us in the mornings and has become very tame.

So... life goes on.  Praise the Lord!  In our home there is new life.  All around our home there is new life.  Spring is certainly a season of rebirth. 


Denise said...

Very happy for you.

Maria said...

Yes...Spring is the season for renewal and promises that Our Lord is in every blade of grass...every new bloom :) Lovely photos. m.

Furry Bottoms said...

You are very well thought of by your friends and family. And they showed it to you in their own ways. Thats awesome. I am so sorry about Mozart but glad that you have new life to help keep smiles on your face.

Brenda said...

Hi Sincerity,
what lovely pictures. I understood perfectly how you felt about Mozart, we adore cats and have always had them with us, one for twenty four years. We also had one actually tap on our door with her claws. I believe absolutely that Mozart had the best life he could have had, being in your care and, just as he was, these two are with you for that same purpose.
God bless you as you enjoy life with them.


Denise: Thank you.

Maria: Thank you. Yes, God is in all the beauty that surrounds us. Even on the days when it is difficult to see the beauty.

Furry Bottoms: It is so true that youth can be such a blessing. Even when it isn't your own.


Brenda: Twenty four is amazing! I'm certain you know exactly how my family and I feel.
Animals are very intelligent. And cats are no exception. So amazing that a cat knew how to get your attention even from outside your door.

Thank you for your kind words. We fully intend to love our new furry babies. They're part of the family now.

T-Childs said...

When I am writing in my den, our cat Frisky comes in and stands with its two paws on the side of the chair; if I don't pay it any attention it scratches me gently till I do! Yes cats are intelligent and they are loving too.

Haydn, Mozart, Salieri?! I see a pattern here!


T-Childs: Yes. In my home we really, really like music. Especially the classical music.

Frisky sounds like a lovely cat!

Jessica Lynn Martin said...

Hello there, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It made me smile. I am also SO happy you found my blog, because I love yours!

I am happy to hear that God used me to encourage you through that verse in Psalm 116:2. It is one of my favorite verses in the book of Psalm. That whole book is just amazing and has been very encouraging in my walk with the Lord.

I am sorry your cat passed away recently. I am a total cat person so I can imagine how hard that must have been. My cat is 18 years old and I know her time is coming, very sad to think about. I'm happy to hear you have some other wonderful cat friends around though!

I actually just recently was accepted in graduate school, on a full ride! It is a huge blessing, and I am very thankful. I will also be working as a teacher through the masters program.

Thank you SO much for your prayers for my family and I to find a home. I think we may have found the right one this morning! I'm praying it works out. It is scaring trusting God but we always knows he knows what is best for us. I love what you said" "He is always doing something behind the scenes." So true and so encouraging, thanks for that.

I am looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you better, new blog friend!

Have a wonderful day!

-Jess @ Forever Convinced


Jessica Lynn Martin: Thank you for your kind words and for visiting! I would love for you to visit again. :)

God gives us extra doses of His grace when we go through great suffering. Grief can be very difficult to go through but God heals our hearts deeply. I still miss my cat but the pain is lessened as I thank God for giving me such a wonderful pet.

Great news that a home seems to have been found! God is so good!