July 04, 2012

When People Work Together...

So as the 4th of July comes to an end we here in the US celebrate our freedom and the rich history of our country.  For some of us it is bitter sweet because of all the destruction that is happening to our society and the corruption that is spoiling our government.  
The United States of America was born through blood and sacrifice and pain.  It has been treasured  and protected for a little over two centuries.  It is young compared to many countries around the world and I hope it remains a force for good. But only time will tell if that will be its destiny. 
I don't understand what is happening to my beautiful country but I know that God is ultimately in control.  No matter what happens next.  
And I believe that, just as in our past history, when people come together for a right, good, and just cause something beautiful happens.  
There is still good here.  
There is still beauty.  
There is still hope.


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Beth said...

Excellent post. Amen!