July 06, 2012

Discerning a Baby's Cries

It is known that babies have different cries.  Any mother knows that their baby will cry a certain way when they're lonely or when they're hungry or when they're in pain.  Depending on the type of cry a mother will know whether-or-not to quickly reach the baby's side.

Once a mother holds her little one many times that is enough to bring the baby comfort. And loving mothers will not rest until they are certain their little one is satisfied and safe.

The relationship between a mother and her baby, the way she responds to her baby's cries, reminds me of how God responds to each of us.

When we pray it is how we communicate with God. And the Bible states that the Holy Spirit translates to God our cries and utterances.

Sometimes we don't know exactly what to say. Other times we are so emotionally overwhelmed we can't really describe to God any logical thoughts.

The Bible is full of examples where people have prayed to God with cries and even tears.  Jesus himself did this.   So there is no shame for us to do the same.

And what is so beautiful is that God knows how best to help us in each unique circumstance. Sometimes He answers us right away.  Sometimes He waits. 

But God always hears us and will never ignore our cries. So keep praying! Don't worry if you can't find the words to describe what you are feeling.  He doesn't mind.  Really!

" And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus."
 ~ Philippians 4:19

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