April 02, 2012

What Dreams May Come

Last week was very stressful for me with work, relationships, and my health.  And God was busy leading me through all the high waters.  One of the lessons I keep having to learn is to lean on Him when things get difficult.  I find that if I pray to Him while I'm in bed then my mind grows calm and I sleep more deeply.  It was on one of the more stressful days that I did this very thing.

That night I fell asleep talking to God about my frustrations and fears and recalling His promises to me. And I fell asleep and had an amazing dream.

I dreamt that my father and I were outside in the front yard looking up at the sky.  It looked very similar to the picture above.  I was commenting to my father how beautiful the sunrise was and I whipped out a camera from somewhere on my person.  But as I adjusted the lens the colors of the sky became more vibrant and suddenly it seemed we were looking at a sunrise and sunset at the same time.  The sky was so brilliant!

As I looked through the lens of my dream camera I realized there was something coming out of the clouds, out of the brightest light.  And suddenly I could see a figure.  And as I continued to watch I saw that the figure was seated on a throne and that someone was standing to the left of the throne.

That was when I realized I was looking at Jesus.  He leaned forward and opened his left hand and a bright light flashed from it a moment before he closed it again.  Then he lifted his right hand to me and raised two fingers.

I was puzzled. What did Jesus meant by that?  Of course when I asked my father he had no idea and simply shrugged.  When I looked back at Jesus, perhaps I was about to ask Him my question, I saw His face!

In dreams I have had of Jesus before I had never seen his face directly.  But this time I did.  And he was intently looking back at me.  And my mind told me that I was dreaming and that this was not Jesus real face.  It told me that I was thinking of an artist's rendition.

But then I answered my own criticism.  It is true that the Bible doesn't tell us a detailed description of what Jesus looked like.  But I believe that was done on purpose.  I think that Jesus wants to meet all of us in a way that we can relate to Him most comfortably.  Another words, He desires intimacy with us.  Perhaps we don't know what His face really looks like because some people would feel alienated if He didn't have their ethnic features.  Everyone in the world can relate to Jesus with ease when they think that He could have looked like one of them.

I don't know if my dream had any significance at all but I don't mind dreaming about my Lord.  And I certainly don't mind dreaming that He is trying to relate to me.  One day it will not be a dream.  One day I will see His real face and hear His voice.  What a gorgeous day that will be!  

Just imagine!  We can see Jesus face! Something that even the angels are not permitted to do.  In Revelations chapter 4 verse 8 is a description of Cherubim.  These angels are constantly worshiping the Lord and say, " Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."

They have six wings, two of which cover their faces.  They cannot see the Lord's glory or they would be destroyed.  Likewise, their faces cannot be seen by God or they would be destroyed. Why? The Bible says that the Lord lives in light so terrible that no creature can stand to look upon Him! No creature, including the Cherubim, could handle His holiness because they fall short of His perfect glory. 

So it is a tremendous privilege to know that Christians will one day look upon Him without fear of destruction.  And He will look upon our faces.

Easter is coming in just a few days.  It is a time of great joy for me.  My Lord died but He didn't stay dead.  He rose again from the grave victorious and will return to reclaim the whole Earth and restore peace as was His original plan for all life. Praise the Lord!

He is Risen!


Amrita said...

Praise God you saw the glory of God. The Bible says God gives visions and special dreams to people


Amrita: Well I certainly praise God for the beauty of the dream!

The amazing thing is that a woman I am discipline has been praying that God would give me dreams that would help me know Him better.

But she didn't tell me she had been praying for this until after I told her about this dream the other day.

God certainly works in mysterious ways. :)