April 09, 2012

Got Junk Mail?

So today any free time I had was used to dispose of a rather large pile of junk mail.  I like to stack unwanted mail up beside my trash can so that I remember to dispose of it at the end of every week.  Otherwise junk mail tends to wiggle its way into spaces between books on my bookshelves, on my nightstand, on my dresser, just about anywhere it pleases.  Not a pretty sight.

And so far my method has been working very well.  Except for the past two weeks when I was so sick.  I am amazed how much junk mail can accumulate in that span of time!  So I began to wonder what other people do to dispose of their unwanted mail and found some very unique ideas.

This first example is a photo of junk mail shredded and cut out into wiggly shapes to form confetti. Another idea might be to use well shredded junk mail as packing material. :)

The following photo is from a very inspired junk mail hobbyist.  My, my what the artistic imagination can do with all that unwanted mail!  This example is so pretty I'm sure if you market it just right you could even sell something like this.  Ebay, perhaps?

But my favorite example is the following.  At first I didn't realize what I was looking at until I saw the second photo.  All kinds of unwanted papers, magazines,  receipts, etc.   They were wrapped up nice and tight in many bundles, and then pressed together to form a large work of art!  I'm serious.  This was put on display at an art show.  And its pretty!  Who would of thunk it. :)

Then I found people who were more practical with their junk. They recycled it all in a compost pile for their gardens.  Now why didn't I think of that?

But probably the most exciting example of what to do with all your unwanted junk mail is to make a nice bonfire.  And depending on your purposes you might even be able to do it with a few friends.  Hey!  There's an idea!  Have an outdoor come-burn-your-junk-mail-bonfire party!  Oh yes.  I can see it now.

And so ends my short post on what to do with junk mail.  So what did I end up doing with mine?  I took some scissors and cut them up and put them in the trash.  It was a little time consuming but I actually enjoyed cutting stuff up.  It felt... therapeutic. And now my space is neat and clean again.  And that, ultimately, is the goal right?

How about you?  Do you find fun, unique, or amazing methods of ridding your space from the never ending junk mail?


Amrita said...

Creative ways to get rid of your junk mail. I save th e pictures and Bible verses to use as bookmarks etc


That's a good idea. :)