March 07, 2012

What is Tolerance and Intolerance today?

I will be watching this event streamed live tomorrow evening.  If you have never heard of Ravi Zacharias then you have to see him in action!  What an incredible testimony and what wisdom this man has!  Ironically I didn't know this event was going to take place until earlier today.  But I have been wrestling with this exact issue and looking for answers.

There will be some very difficult questions that will come up in this open forum. Ravi and John will be giving answers from Biblical perspectives.  And they will attempt to clarify misconceptions about the popular beliefs of tolerance.

What exactly is Tolerance and Intolerance today?  

visit: To watch live.


Amrita said...

RZIM, which is Ravi' s organization has had meetings in our church. I first heard him as a 13 yr old in a YFC camp, my first one.


Amrita: Wow! That's so cool! I so appreciate his testimony. His speaking last night was very encouraging.