March 09, 2012

Beached Dolphins Saved by Beach Goers

Perhaps many of you already heard about the remarkable rescue of about 30 dolphins on a beach in Brazil this past Monday.  The video below was taken only moment before the dolphins suddenly arrived on shore.

I'm so happy to share that the people didn't think twice about helping the poor creatures return to the water.  God sees everything that happens in our world, including how we choose to treat the creatures he gives life to in the Earth.

What an amazing rescue!  So many good things happen when we don't think of ourselves first.  Those people could have walked away, called for help and waited, taken pictures, but instead they chose to help.

Thank you, Lord, for touching the hearts of those beach goers and thank you too that their good actions and kindness were captured for the whole world to see and learn from. Please bless those who treat others, human or not, with respect.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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