March 15, 2012

Venus and Jupiter Tango!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a bit know that I LOVE to star gaze.  Well, this week has been no exception to that.  Every night there have been perfect, clear night skies.  The stars have been brilliantly bright. I've greatly enjoyed spotting the big and little dippers. And the planets Venus and Jupiter have been spectacular to watch!

The first time I noticed them was a little over a week ago, I think.  I thought I was looking at the light of planes passing through the night sky.  But then I realized that these two lights were not moving.  That's when I made a quick study to learn they were friendly planets.

My, oh my do they ever shine!  And what has been so amazing is that I have not needed the help of any telescope to witness their beauty.  Of course with the clarity of the night skies in recent nights a telescope would give me jaw-dropping views.  Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a good one.

I have so much fun star gazing that my brother thinks its silly.  Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm a geek.  But I'm one very amazed geek.  So there.  It really doesn't take much to please me.  Just give me some wide open space with a cloudless night sky and I'm good. :)

If planets could talk I wonder what they would say about our little planet Earth.  Would they wonder what its like to live in it?  Would they admire the pretty swirls of color our home planet displays?

Our world is so beautiful!  And I'm just amazed and humbled by how BIG everything is compared to me.  All those stars... and many of them no longer exist.  And yet their light lives on.  It just helps me put things in perspective sometimes.  Life can be difficult but ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't really matter.  Difficulties come and go and I just keep trusting the God that created it all.

How beautiful you are, God.  How perfect is everything you make!  Even if no one ever heard my voice or read my words, you would.  Even if no one saw me dancing, or laughing, or ever saw my tears and smiles, you would.  You have. 

Thank you for creating me and for every day I will ever live.  Some days are really difficult for me but your grace sustains me and gives me hope.

I love you, Lord.  I love everything you are and I am repeatedly humbled by your desire to know me.  Thank you for the beauty of Earth.  Thank you for the beauty of the stars.  Thank you for my sight so that I can see all the wonders of you hands.

~ Sincerity


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I love your prayer and the picture of the girl with the stars. Sometimes when I worship I feel like I'm connecting with the power of God. The picture reminded me of that. It is totally awesome when it happens. :)



Yes! Words can't really describe the feeling, can they?

Tracy said...

I'm with you Sincerity - so grateful for the beauty of our world that God created.

Amrita said...

The heaven declare the glory of god. How awesome is our God, the heavens speak of him


Tracy and Amrita: Amen and Amen!

Calvin said...

I don't often get the chance to see the night sky clearly due to light pollution in the city. But it must truly be beautiful where you are. In the stars His handiwork I see.


Calvin: It certainly is beautiful. I am very thankful for clear skies. :)