October 27, 2011

Refined By Fire

Earlier this week I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident, by God's grace not because of any fault of my own.  And thankfully no one was seriously injured.  We were all very polite and even respectful towards each other!  I have no doubt God was there to keep emotions in check.

But having been a victim of vehicle accidents in the past I knew that the days immediately following the accident would be difficult.  All of us experienced whip lash and the driver who started the accident was having chest pains.  She's 83.  An ambulance was called to the scene.

For me I was frustrated because the accident made me an hour and half late for work.  We were not allowed to return to our vehicles because the lady who hit me didn't have a driver's license and kept wanting to drive away.  So none of us could retrieve our cell phones which we had all left in our vehicles.

I attempted to befriend her and encouraged her to wait.  That was when I learned that she couldn't speak or understand English very well.  So I ended up translating for her to everyone until her husband arrived on the scene.

In the end things could have been a lot worse and when I was finally allowed to go on my way, for my vehicle didn't sustain any damage, I started thanking God for His protection.

Two days later I'm still feeling dizzy, fatigued, and a little achy.  My arms cannot handle long practice sessions right now and I'm praying that healing continues quickly because I have several performances coming up at work.   At least with the piano I don't have to lift the instrument the entire time I'm playing.  But with the violin its different.  And a 3-hour, possibly longer, orchestra rehearsal is coming up Monday evening.

But I know that God allows us to go through trials for a good reason.  Like a diamond that needs to be polished and smoothed God sometimes allows us to go through tough times to make us what we were meant to be... shining examples of His strength and love.

And even if this accident had not ended well for me I would still believe that God is good.

" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 
~ Philippians 4:13

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