October 20, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Driving to and from work I have been enjoying the beautiful colors of the leaves.  All the trees are changing and the views are just breathtaking.  And I'm always hit with a strong sense of nostalgia during this time of year.  In a way I suppose I'm reminded of how all things in this world must come to an end.  But even the end can be so beautiful.

I'm simply awed by the beauty God surrounds us with at every season.  How amazing and beyond any imagination is the Lord. Everything He creates is just stunning.

And since I am in an Autumn mood I thought I would share a few videos of the song, Autumn Leaves.
Each performance presents a unique interpretation of this beloved song.  So in without further ado, and in order of their appearance, I present:  Doris Day, Nat King Cole, and Eva Cassidy.   

After listening to these talented artists is their one I haven't presented that you absolutely love?  Share your favorite artist performing this song on your blog and I'll be sure to take a listen.  God bless.

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