October 11, 2011

Living With Grandmother

The other day my mother and I decided to go out and get our hair cut and styled.  We left home knowing that my brother would be staying with grandmother so that she would not be by herself.  When my mother and I returned we found grandmother washing dishes.  

Now, grandmother knows that she is no longer suppose to wash dishes. This is partly because she can no longer see well and thus doesn't do a very good job cleaning anything anymore.  But also because she has done her "time" in the kitchen all her life.  And at 91 years of age we don't allow or want her doing any house chores.  We just want her to enjoy her life, for however long God chooses to give her.

But see grandmother doesn't like it when my mother and I go away together, which isn't very often, and leave her at home.  Mom and I need time together once-in-a-while too.  And grandmother has a thing about seeing any dirty dishes in the sink.  Its really hard for her to just let them be until one of us has time to get to them. That normally is my job to complete in the evenings when I return home from work.

All this to say that when I saw grandmother standing at the kitchen sink, caught in the act of trying to wash dishes when we were out, I felt frustrated, sad, and yet amused.  I wish grandmother could let responsibilities that belong to the rest of us be completed by the rest of us and at the same time I'm happy that she still has spunk.

I mean my goodness!  91 and still wanting to wash dishes!  I know she meant well.  She always does but her washing isn't very good and that means that I have to put all the dishes back in the sink and wash them again.  *sigh*  

So mother and I gently told her that she should let me wash the dishes and that its okay if there are dirty dishes in the sink sometimes.  And I had to pray and ask God to give me patience and understanding because I didn't want to come across harshly.  

But life at home is seldom dull.  With four dogs, three cats, and four adults with an elderly lady all living under the same roof... life gets interesting.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.


lgsquirrel said...

4 adults and an elderly lady is plenty enough but add on 4 dogs and 3 cats? Wow.

Amrita said...

Oh I completely identify with this post post.

This is so precious.


Mr. LGS: Yes. Wow. :)

Amrita: I'm sure that you do identify with this kind of interaction in your home too. God bless!

David C Brown said...

She sounds a grand old lady! Grace be with you all!


David C Brown: Yes! She is wonderful! I'm so happy she is still alive and that I can still interact her! My family and I are indeed blessed!