July 01, 2009

A Special Place for A Special Dad

For father's day my family and I decided to go to a fancy restaurant in the area to celebrate. We all pitched in and went to El Serrano. This is a restaurant that specializes in Latin-American food. Many of the most expensive dishes have all authentic, Latin-American herbs and spices. The restaurant itself is of ancient Peruvian influence and is just beautiful. It took me back to my visits to Spain.

Just the carving on the front doors told me a lot about the quality of service and atmosphere waiting for us inside. And boy was dad excited!

Once indoors there was plenty to see. There were fountains inside, artwork, fancy tables and chairs, tiled floors and steps, wood carved ceilings, and more. It was so beautiful. I'm afraid my amateur photos don't do the restaurant justice but I had to try. :)

While I was taking the photo above the owner of El Serrano, Manuel Torres, came up to me and asked if I would like to photograph the courtyard and the upstairs restaurant as well. Excited to learn there was more and that I was being offered a private grand tour, of course I said yes. Mr. Torres was very gracious and courteous and explained to me how he wanted his restaurant to be true to ancient Peru down to the last detail.

With the exception of a few stain-glass windows everything in the restaurant was imported from Peru. All the wood is Peruvian mahogany and even Mr. Torres himself labored to make some of the fantastic artwork present!

The courtyard was beautiful! I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and I complimented the owner on such a wonderful job. He was so humble and even seemed embarrassed by my exultations but my goodness are they well deserved! It was later that I learned Mr. Torres has worked very hard from the bottom up, so to speak, to become the incredible success he is today. His family owns another El Sorreno restaurant in York, PA. Just outstanding quality.

After the courtyard it was time to explore the second floor to the new addition of the restaurant called Culturas, Tapas. The restaurant wraps all the way around the courtyard so one can just look out a window and see the fountain and live entertainment below.

Another example of the attention to detail. I have never seen a chess board in a restaurant before but this one blends in so nicely. Here its not a chess board but another work of art on display.

Dad had a wonderful time and joined me in my exploration of all that was to be seen. He was so happy and it just made my week! I think I was even smiling in my sleep. :) It was a beautiful day with good food and great company in an impressive environment. I will definitely be back to this restaurant again. Hm. Let's see... what other event can we celebrate?...

" Bless the Lord, O my Soul, and do not forget all his benefits... who satisfies you with good as long as you live so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's." Psalm 103: 2 & 5


Joseph Pulikotil said...



Wonderful celebration for father's day. Your father must have been thrilled and delighted.

The tour of the hotel is fantastic. The care that has been taken and the attention to detail in building,furniture and decorations are top class. The hotel exudes elegance and grandeur. The chess board is exquisite.

I enjoyed the tour but I didn't see any food or guests:)

Have a beautiful day:)


It is a beautiful restaurant. :)

My guests were camera shy and asked not to have their images put on-line so I was unable to show my readers this. As for the food... it was so good that there was only time to pray before everyone was devouring it! Myself included! :)

algelic said...

That restaurant is BEAUTIFUL!

I'm sure your father was really thankful. That was a very thoughtful girl. =)