February 22, 2009

We Can Learn From Pandas

We can learn a lot about life through watching the natural world. Take the following video for instance. Ever wonder if mothers in the wild get surprised by things their little ones do? Well wonder no longer.

But one thing none of us can forget is that wild animals, no matter how cute, are still WILD animals. They are very strong and they can hurt people without even trying. This panda just wanted something new to play with.

Pandas, like all creatures, will have their moments of discomfort. Take this poor panda.

Don't you just hate hay fever?

Sometimes life isn't very nice to us. But when I find myself getting down I look at the creatures God has made and realize that they don't always have good days either. But they don't complain and gripe and worry about what can't be changed. They just accept things and move on. We can all learn from their examples in this fact.

The good thing is that when " moving on" is too difficult for us to do on our own God provides encouragement and hope to us through His word. I, for one, am happy He cares.

I hope something on this post put a smile on your face today. :)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am smiling!:)

Sincerity said...

Mr. LGS: .... mission accomplished.