February 16, 2009

Valentine, Valentine

Well since I'm still single and have no " sweet-heart" to lavish my affection upon I opted this year to share my love and appreciation of another with my family and close friends. And I decided to do this through food.

My first attempt at making Spinach Gnocchi happened this past weekend.

And to my great relief it received rave reviews from my mother and grandmother! That was amazing. But besides spinach gnocchi I also made tilapia in vinegar with rosemary and thyme, and green beans with almonds. There were two sides to add to the gnocchi, mild hot sauce and garlic sauce. Mmmm!

That same night I made cookies for some good friends I would be meeting on Valentine's Day. Sugar cookies are very popular for V Day and I decided to decorate with white and dark chocolate. The real fun was melting all the chocolate and making designs. Even my brother joined in on the fun! Great memories!

The next morning I was up early wrapping up the cookies and making it all pretty.

My friends were surprised and very happy to hear that inside the cute bag was something sweet and edible. I was happy to be able to make good things for the ones I loved. Candy and cards are expensive and generic. I just felt that home-made things were so much more meaningful. So that was my Valentine's Day weekend. How was yours?

Psalm 103: 2&5 " Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits... He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle."

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