January 18, 2008


Today, as I was re-organizing and dusting my room I stumbled upon a game I had misplaced a long while ago. I don't know what its called but basically you have to get six tiny, metal pellets into their holes. There are two levels and you can't let any pellets fall through the middle holes. Its tricky. But after several minutes of repeated failure I got it!:)

It reminds me of life. I know, I know ... sometimes I think too much. But bear with me a moment, won't you? :) As I struggled to get each pellet in its hole I thought about all the times I've struggled to get things right in my life. I don't always succeed. In fact... if I'm really honest I would say that I fail more times than I succeed. But I guess that's the only way to really learn sometimes.

The point is, that eventually, if we try enough times we finally get things right. Now I do realize that there are exceptions but in general not giving up pays off. Determination, perseverance, dedication... those are good qualities to nurture. And if you find this post at a time when you feel like all you do is fail, then I'm here to tell you that its okay. Fail as many times as you need to. Give yourself that freedom and don't hate yourself for it. Failure is one step closer to success. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. The photo speaks for itself! :)

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
~ Deuteronomy 31:8 NIV


Sasha said...

ohh, I really like this message -- failure is something we all do repeatedly, but it's so hard to accept

algelic said...

Awww! This was a very thoughtful post. And I'm like you... I think a lot. Even the smallest things in life make me reflect on various aspects of life.

Sincerity said...


It is hard to accept. I think its part of human nature to want to do everything right the first time.

Sincerity said...


Yup! Life is so much more intense and beautiful and mysterious when we reflect on it.

Bob Gentile said...

Well Said Sincerity, I am proof of failing my way to the top :-) well maybe not to the top top but ya know what I mean... I sure have failed a lot but kept on getting up...

What did Les Brown say. "When U fall down make sure u land on ur back because if u can Look up u can get up" :-)

I had a game like that also when I was young, congrats !

Sincerity said...

bob gentile:

Thanks! Yup. Failing is the " in thing" for us humans. :)

Nice quote.

mitzh said...

oh wow! this post is really inspiring. But what will scare me the most is when I don't fail...

I love your page new layout, so pretty. Hope you are doing fine. Take care!

g said...

Hey Sincerity! (Visiting from Mitzh's blog after reading your lovely comment.)

Very inspiring words, indeed. I too, have failed many times than I needed to in the past, and still fail (sometimes quite miserably), but like you said, there's always hope.

Hoping to get through obstacles one day at a time... :)

Sincerity said...


" But what will scare me the most is when I don't fail..."

That is a great perspective on this post! How true! I think we have to be careful in either direction then, huh?

Ooh! Thanks for the compliment on the layout! :)

Sincerity said...


Thank you and welcome!

I hear ya! Sometimes one day at a time is all we can handle... sometimes even one hour at a time.

I really believe that God gives us grace and strength during the times we just can't do anymore by ourselves. :)