January 13, 2008


I hope as you're reading this post that the year has been good to you so far. I hope that you are happy and well. I hope that you take time everyday, even if just for one moment, to remember that you are blessed. We live in a century where so much is possible! Medicine, education, art, science... you name it! And if we happen to have been born in an industrialized country we find ourselves doubly blessed.

Most of us know and use computers, cell phones, the internet, and we take metros or cars or trains to get us where we need to be. Centuries ago it was considered ridiculous to think of traveling in the sky and yet we do it in our century all the time! We even go beyond our world to join the stars in space!

We are blessed, no matter whether-or-not we feel like we are. But sometimes its hard to remember this. I know. It happens to me at times. And as much as I would like to think I'm aware of how good my life is... its not always true. That's when, inevitably, something happens to remind me of what awesome blessings I have.

This year the reminder came early. A close friend of mine was driving on a busy highway to work when she suddenly lost her vision. She was able to pull over without killing anyone and dialed for help on her cell phone. After being tested in the ER, my friend received the heartbreaking news that she has MS. Multiple Sclerosis. She just turned 31.

We never really know what tomorrow, or the next hour, or even the next moment will bring, do we? That's why its so, so important to be aware and appreciative of everything we're capable of... even something as simple as dressing ourselves in the morning.

So today, or tomorrow depending on when you read this post, take a moment to remember all the things good in your life. Savor them. Treasure them. Because we only get to live once... and the journey is so beautiful, no matter how long or short it may be. We live in a time where so many things are possible... its an exciting time to be alive! Don't waste a moment... do what's right, do what's honorable... do it now while you still can.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

We do need to be reminded constantly of our blessings or we take it for granted and waste our lives. Thanks for the reminder.

Sincerity said...

You're welcome. :) Yes, I think its healthy to remember blessings. It keeps us focused on all the things that count.