August 04, 2007

Star Gazer

Dancing With The Stars ~Princel3d

I remember as a child I would love to lay in the grass and look up at the sky and watch the clouds roll by. And sometimes when I would be riding in the car I would look out my window and try to find shapes in the clouds and watch them move, sailing across the sky at the speed I was traveling. Even to this day, I will still look up... especially on days when I'm feeling lonely or nostalgic. It relaxes me to know that even when life is tough the clouds keep rolling and the sun keeps shining.

But as fun as it is to look at clouds I also enjoy the night sky. As a child I would look up at clear night skies and admire all the twinkling stars and wonder what they look like up close. But now that I'm older many days Im just too tired, too busy with work and life, to just stop a moment and acknowledge what's around me.

I think... for many of us remembering to look up and simply admire the universe we live in is becoming a lost art. So I'm making an effort to go outside and just look up at the stars once-in-a-while. Sometimes I'll have my ipod with me... and a camera. Most of the time though, I'll just step outside and revert back to that childhood star gazer... wondering why those stars twinkle, why I exist to admire them, and realizing that their light may very well outlive me.


a life uncommon said...

Thank you for this post of reminder... Tonight I will try some star gazing to calm me and keep me appreciative of the world I live in.

Sincerity said...

Hey there!
Welcome! :) Yup. When the nights are really clear and the fireflies are out... that's the best time to star gaze.
Come back again! :)

Danielle B. Blogging for Balance said...

I just wanted to drop in and say hi and tell you thank you for coming by my place and saying hello! I love meeting new people and especially enjoy getting to know them a little I hope that you drop in often. ;)....One of the best things I love about being in the south are the summer nights spent watching the fireflies!!!!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Haze and light pollution makes it hard for city dwellers to remember the beauty of the stars. Thanks for this great post.

Sincerity said...

danielle b.,

Welcome! Its so nice to have you! I will definitely be visiting again. :) I too love nights with fireflies! It just makes the whole world seem so... magical.

lone grey squirrel,

Welcome to you too! I have a dear friend who lives in Philadelphia, PA. She laments the same thing! Isn't it amazing how something so simple as looking at stars can be so profound?

Still searching said...

Thats a lovely thought! I was also thinking about the same thing a few days back, when I just randomly walked out of my house and went for a walk in the neighbourhood at nite, and was amazed at how peaceful just looking up at the sky can make u feel!

Really nice blog u have here :) Thanks for your comment on mine :)

Susan said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite Abe Lincoln quotes: "I can see how a man could look down on Earth and be an athiest, but I cannot see how he can gaze into the heavens and say there is no God."

Abe LIncoln also used to lay on the ground with his cabinet at night and stare into the sky. After a long time of staring at all those stars in silence, he'd ask, "Feeling small yet?"

Great post.

:-) Susan

Sasha said...

I love looking at the stars, it's so peaceful. I'm terrible at picking out the constellations though :(

Borrego said...

Hey Sincerity, thanx for the visit. Eventually Skip will make it to your neighborhood, bput fot now, go to to see some of his pictures, he had fun in México, later.

Sincerity said...

still searching:

Welcome! Yup... star gazing is very peaceful. It can get addicting too. :) Thanks for the lovely comment! Drop by again and I'll do the same!


Wow! I never knew Abraham Lincoln was such an easy-going guy! And to think that he got his entire cabinet to star gaze with him....! I love that quote!


I totally agree! Don't worry... I can't figure out the constellations either. :)


You're welcome! Thank you for visiting again. :) I would love to have Skip visit.

cmeddie said...

Very cool. One night I laid on the beach on Grand Cayman Island and we counted like 9 shooting stars... It was pretty amazing. Haven't done that in a while. Thanks for stopping by. My bf was in Florida to celebrate his bday, but he is in Cincinnati, while I am in MN for another 5 weeks. Can't wait to get back home! And thanks for the reminder again. :)

Sincerity said...


Welcome! Nice to see you drop by! You saw NINE shooting stars?! Wow. I might have seen... like... two in my whole life.

Yeah, star gazing is just so cool. :)

Tracye Dukes said...

Hey there... just wanted to say that this post was a beautiful reminder of the wonders we have to view all around us. Thanks for your thoughts, I think I'll take my laptop outside and enjoy some time out under the stars :)

blessings to you!

mitzh said...

Wonderful post! I love clouds, sunsets and sunrise and of course stars. The simple things in life are really the best.

Sadly, some people seems to take it for granted.

Thanks for sharing this one. Truly inspiring.

Sincerity said...

tracye dukes:

Welcome! I'm glad that this post got you breathing some fresh air! :) Yeah! Take your laptop and go see some stars! Its a great way to " recharge" your batteries!

Blessings to you too!


Welcome to you too! " The simple things life are the best." I totally agree. And I also think that many take those things for granted.

I'm glad you felt some inspiration from this post!