February 14, 2016

What Is Beauty To You?

What is beauty to you?

Is beauty something that only belongs to people who are born with great genes?  Or is it reserved only for those who are popular, famous, rich?  Is beauty something that can be attributed to inanimate objects? Is it something that you can buy?

We learn from living in the world that there are different kinds of beauty. A tree has a beauty that is very different from a cherished pet or a porcelain doll or a brand new car.  We learn from interacting with people that  beauty can be different from one person to another. 

But one thing the world gets wrong is that beauty is only something that can be seen and enjoyed on the outside.  The Bible states that true beauty, the kind the outlasts all fashion styles and ages,  is something that comes from within.  It is an attitude, a choice we make every day.  And the world we live in needs to see more beauty and less ugliness.  But the only way that can happen is if we each evaluate our own hearts and allow them to be molded by the Lord. 

We have opportunities to be beautiful all the time.  It just takes practice to recognize those moments and allow the Holy Spirit to make us more sensitive to His urging.

What encourages me on this Valentine's Day is that God reminds us that we are all beautiful to Him.  None of us deserve His love but He offers it to us freely.  I am beautiful to Him!  You are beautiful to Him! 

Never let the circumstances of life, or the critical attitudes of others, make you believe otherwise. Saturate the following verse.  Let God's promise seep into your heart and heal any brokenness you may have.  You are loved.  You are precious.  You. Are. Beautiful.  That, friends, is truth.

" ... it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
which is of great worth in God's sight."

I Peter 3:4

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