December 08, 2013

Christmas and Carols

December is always a very busy month for me.  As a musician it is notoriously busy but in a good way.  There are concerts to perform in, recitals to get students prepared to perform, special church services to participate in, and sometimes even an extra effort to share music in nursing homes or hospitals.

Music is such an integral part of the Christmas season for me that the season simply wouldn't feel right without it. Just as it wouldn't feel "right" if the weather were warm.  I say this because I have always experienced Christmas with cold weather and snow.

And even though I perform on instruments more often than not, nothing tops being able to sing and join in with a group of people filled with joy and love.  Its an amazing feeling to be surrounded with the beautiful sounds of music and to have a part in creating it.  There simply isn't any other experience like it.

When I was a little girl my brother and I would go with friends around our neighborhood and sing carols door-to-door.  It didn't matter if it was cold and snowing.  We bundled up, brought our music and flashlights, and had a wonderful time.

And when I was very young my mother would take me to visit my grandfather in the hospital and later on in the nursing home. I would bring with me my little violin and play for him.  And in later years my brother and I would sing with the choir at church.  My violin teacher also encouraged me to perform recitals and concerts in nursing homes.  And those audiences always enjoy music, especially those that don't get many visits.  Even the nursing staff greatly enjoy the performances.

Whenever I hear Christmas melodies I am filled with a deep nostalgia and the warmest memories.  I think they will always be with me even when I am old.  And that is perfectly fine with me!  And whenever I hear carols being sung I want to join in and sing with all my might.  How about you?

Below is an a capella group performing Carol of the Bells.  Everything you hear is with human voices, including the rhythm.  Listen to it and tell me you don't feel like joining in. :)

Christmas is a time when I reflect on the amazing and epic love God has shown mankind.  Jesus Christ chose to put on flesh and live as one of us so that He could understand our suffering as we know it.  And all so that He could save us from an eternal life separated from Him.  That kind of love, so foreign to us, is something worth singing about!  The love of Jesus, His compassion and wisdom and courage and success, are all things we should never hesitate to share!

And I simply cannot think of a better way to share such amazing news except through music!  It is a language that speaks to the soul and it is something we know we will be doing in eternity.  I will definitely be joining in that choir!


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