June 10, 2013

Cape May Harbor, The Sailor Memorial, and More Beautfil Homes

 Continuing my travels in Cape May I dedicate this post to the Cape May Harbor.  There is so much to see, smell, taste, and do!  There is a wonderful kite shop and a good selection of restaurants to choose from.  Of course, the best part are the docks.  Who doesn't enjoy admiring pretty ships and sailboats?

There was a friendly couple that have been living in their boat for a whole year and even sold their house, preferring to travel via boat everywhere they wished to go.  They knew about almost every harbor on the east coast!

That would be quite the adventure.  I don't think I'm ready to give up living on land.  But I certainly admire their love for the ocean.

I thought the harbor showcased some really beautiful homes.  Can you imagine living so close to the water?

 I got a kick out of how people could just park their boats in the "boat garage" attached to their home on the dock.  Then, just as easily, they could go to their vehicle garage and continue traveling on land!  My goodness! 

This man was refueling his boat and was very happy to chat with my friend and I about how nice a ride it provides.  It definitely had the engine power!  But we were quite hungry and hurried on our way to satiate our rumbling bellies.

 If you visit the Cape May Harbor you must drop by the Lobster House restaurant.  It is right beside the fish market.  

You can even eat out on a large boat that sits stationed just out the back of the restaurant on very fine days.  Now that would certainly be a great dinner experience!

Mmmm!  Nothing like fresh Sea Bass, cream sauce, and rice with beans.  So good!

After a trip to the harbor my friend and I dropped by The Sailors Memorial.  It is very peaceful there.  You will find two benches looking out over the bay.  So easy to just sit and lose track of time watching the ships and sailboats float by.

The memorial itself is actually one large sundial.  

There are large concrete slabs all around the dial that are engraved with the names of sailors who have been lost at sea over the years.  People still leave small treasures from the ocean or from home in their memory.

The Sailors Memorial is found in the Cape May Harbor Village and Yacht Club.  It is a very well maintained and quiet neighborhood.  Every home is unique in structure and landscape.  It is quite the treat to view during a leisurely stroll.

This is one of my favorite views.  I wonder who lives here.  Such a peaceful and beautiful place to call home. I love the little red bird house.  Even the birds live in style here!

Next post let me take you with me as I relive my visits to Cape May Point and Sunset Beach.  
There will be a lighthouse, WWI bunker, sunken concrete ship, and beach combing for sea glass.  

Blessings to each of you.  Until next time.


Reelika J said...

These are beautiful photos! The harbour, the incredible houses, the style of the place.. Everything seems to be perfect there. Just gorgeous!



Reelika J: Thank you. It is a lovely place to visit for certain! I'm happy you enjoyed the photos. :)

Denise said...

Lovely pictures.

T-Childs said...

Wonderful pix! I wish I could visit there sometime. I should do one of my travels sometime.

You wrote: 'Mmmm! Nothing like fresh Sea Bass, cream sauce, and rice with beans. So good!' It looks wonderful, the type of meal that makes a holiday even better!