April 11, 2013

Beautiful Love

Soft classical music played in the background.  The room was bright and airy.  Afternoon sunlight filtered through delicate, white curtains that hung in front of the bay window.  To the side of the living room sat the white baby grand piano, still and quiet.  He used to sit on the bench beside me when I would practice for hours and hours.

That was many years ago now.  Its hard to believe that so many years have gone by.

I looked back at him.  His eyes were looking at me, aware of every movement I made.  I studied him for a moment. He seemed comfortable.  I greeted him quietly.  Suddenly he took in a shuddering breath.

Was that it?  Did it happen?  I'm not an expert at situations like this.   When someone you love is dying do you know when death happens?

So many memories with him.  I can't even remember what my life was like before he was a part of it.

Twenty-two years.  He's been a part of my family for that long.

He took in another shuddering breath.  Was that one his last?  The anguish for me was intense.  I hated seeing him struggle like that.  It had to be painful.  The truth was that all of us were suffering together.

Several minutes go by and I realize that he hasn't breathed again.  He's gone.

We cry.

That night my father and I go outside and bury him under the tree we planted together.  I think he would be happy there.  Even the weather is quiet and serene.  A clear night sky with hundreds of twinkling stars shining.  We are undisturbed in the solemn work. A gentle breeze causes the branches to sway. I imagine it a soft lullaby.  Before long we finished.

A final goodbye.  A prayer to God of thanks.  We walk back inside with heavy hearts.


Mozart was my little buddy for twenty-two years.  He was a Russian Blue cat who had the most humble and noble disposition.  He loved people, dogs, and cats.  And he really loved music.  Mozi, as we affectionately called him, passed away only a few hours short of his birthday.  But I take comfort in knowing he died peacefully surrounded by those he loved.

I think if God asked him how his life on Earth had been he would say it was wonderful.

I miss him terribly.

" Thank you Lord for all the good, beautiful things you have given us.  And thank you too for awesome pets.  Mozart was amazing. Thank you for your love."

~ Sincerity



Frank Blasi said...

I know what it is like when a pet you loved so much passes away.
When my Mum's family dog died after twelve years of loyalty, the whole house was in tears. But instead of passing away naturally, as was the case with your cat, our dog had to be put down at the vet's, to put an end to its suffering through old age illness.
God bless,

Denise said...

Such a beautiful, touching tribute.

Brenda said...

your beautiful memorial to your Mozi has made me cry. What a lovely friend and member of your family he has been. My husband and I know exactly how you feel. We had one little cat who lived for twenty four years, and our little Tinker is eight years old and adored. I was brought up with animals that we all loved dearly. I am so glad that God placed him with you, and I am sure that he was very glad too. God bless you and keep in your mind all the lovely memories of Mozi.


Frank Blasi: I'm so sorry your family went through that pain. It is sad to lose a pet. But they are such a joy to have when they are healthy.

Denise: Thank you.

Brenda: I'm sorry I made you sad. Twenty four years is impressive! Thank you for your kind words and sympathy.

Brenda said...

just to say you didn't make me sad. What made me cry was the amount of love given to this beautiful little cat. God bless you.

Rosebud said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious Mozart. I know the pain of losing one so loved by the family. But the joy they brought to our lives was priceless.
God Bless

T-Childs said...

That is a sad story, it almost made me cry. But the joy is that you had nearly 22 years of love. We have a cat, and it kind of follows me and loves bieng around me especially. Thank God for small mercies...

Paula Green said...

I am deeply touched by your story of the passing of your beloved Mozart. His absence after 22 years must be difficult but the memories precious. My heart goes out to you!


Rosebud: Thank you for your kind words.

T-Childs: Yes! Every day that passes since his death has been steadily bringing back more happy memories. The times of mourning are easing a bit.

Paula Green: Thank you very much. He was very precious to me and my whole family. But now God is taking care of Him. Perhaps I will see Him again one day.