November 05, 2012

The Pleasure of Creating

As a musician I really appreciate the sounds of organized and well-disciplined music.  The Baroque and Classical periods of music are very soothing to me.  I find stability in the predictability of the harmonies and chord progressions.

Everything has its place and order and it fits together so perfectly.  Of course I love every musical period, especially the Romantic period, but this is getting off the point I want to make.

I think that the love of music and art is in every person.  But not everyone has the opportunity to develop those areas of their understanding.  More to the point I believe that there is a desire in all of us to create.  And we all do it in our own unique ways.

For some of us we are excellent at cooking.  For others we are amazing at gardening or landscaping.  Others of us are wonderful writers and poets while still others are fantastic at architecture and design.

If we really look around we will notice that everyone is creating something.  

The Bible talks about how we should be wise with our time.  I think a large part of this is because we create with our time.  We may not be creating something with our hands at every moment of every day but while we are conscious we think.  And thinking results in emotions and motives to act.  So once again... we are creating.

And let me tell ya, I think a lot!  There's always something going on in my head. 

Can you imagine what God sees every day?  He can not only see everything everyone does but He can also see and know everything we think and dream!  Can you imagine how much God sees and controls just in our dimension of reality?  What about the spiritual dimension where the angels and demons reside?

To be able to create is an ability and desire that God has put in each and everyone of us. Let Him be a part of your thought life.  Let Him inspire and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zones for a little while.  Perhaps there is a part of you that wants to learn how to do something new.  What's stopping you?

Go out and create!

For those of us here in the United States we will be creating a new future for our country tomorrow.  We who believe it is our privilege and duty will be casting our votes for who will be the next president.  Please pray that God's will be done and that those who vote are protected from violence. 

" He changes times and seasons; He removes kings and sets up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding."
~ Daniel 2:21


Denise said...

Nice post.

joy said...

Yes! Thanks God for the gifts and talents that he had given us and there are so many things yet to explore.
Inspirational post:)


Denise: Thank you.

Joy: God has given each of us a unique combination of experiences and abilities and spiritual gifts.
And it is only through Him that we will find our true destiny.