July 22, 2012

Supporting Victims in Aurora, CO

Why do bad things happen?  Why does evil exist?  Why doesn't God stop the bad guys?  Why don't we always get answers?
So many questions swirl around what happened in Aurora, CO just a few day ago.  People were simply minding their own business and then one person decided to hurt them. In an instant some of those innocent people lost their lives while others lost their loved ones.  
The horror and pain and grief that many families and friends are going through right now is unimaginable.  I'm grieving even when I didn't know anyone involved personally.  I can't imagine how I would be right now if I did.
There are, at the time of my writing this post, several victims still fighting for their lives.  Please, please keep praying for the victims, their family and friends, and for the law enforcement agencies involved in trying to make sense of this tragedy.
We live in a broken world.  A world that is not what it was meant to be.  And many times there are no answers for why terrible things happen to innocent people.  We may never know why the killer did what he did.  But God will not allow evil and wickedness to continue forever.

I am currently reading the final book in the Bible, Revelation.  It has filled me with so much hope!  Jesus will return and God will make everything right.  We just have to hold on for now and believe the promises He gives us in His word.

God is good and just no matter what happens.  All suffering has a limit.  It will not last forever.  And something else I'm learning is that all suffering presents us with two choices:

We can become fearful, angry, and bitter.  Hurting and lashing out at everyone around us.  Or we can accept what happens and be determined to let those experiences make us stronger, more caring, more compassionate, more vibrant and alive than before.

The choice is up to us.

" Oh Lord, I come to you in humbleness and brokenness.
How fragile are our human lives and how easily they can be taken!
Please, comfort and encourage those who are grieving and suffering at this very moment.
Give wisdom not just knowledge to law enforcement agencies.  Please let there be justice in this case.
And for the rest of us watching, show us how to live.
Help us care more and not be afraid to act on our love.
Give us grace to accept the hard times in our lives so that we can become better than what we once were.
I ask for these things Lord knowing that you yearn to give to your children all good things.
I love you Lord and I wish to honor you with my life.
May your name be glorified despite all the chaos and pain of this present world.
May the time of Christ's return come soon!
In the precious name of the only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, 
~ Sincerity


Beth said...


Buttercup said...

Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. Adding my prayers.

That corgi :) said...

thanks for visiting my blog (a Bench with a View) and your kind comment.

I so agree with what you wrote here; it is so reassuring with us that Jesus one day will restore the earth and there will be no more violence and events like happened in Aurora early last Friday morning. You are right, God is good all the time, no matter what, no matter ifit doesn't even make sense. I happen to love the book of Revelation and you are right, it is a book of hope indeed!


Just Be Real said...

Inspiring post for all. Yes we do live in a broken world with broken people. Appreciate the Scripture you shared as well. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

May God bestow His love and grace on the victims and their families at this time of grief. Thanks for this post.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

what happened is so scary and heartbreaking. I like what you said and totally agree.