March 26, 2012

Even Animals Recognize Kindness

I was meandering through the web and found this amazing video that chronicles the healing journey one poor little dog experienced.  She had been abandoned and was found sick, full of fleas, and blind in both eyes.  The poor little thing had pretty much given up on ever being found, let alone loved.

So she had found a trash bin and laid down amongst the filth waiting to die when some kind people found her and decided to intervene.

And the little dog, given the name Fiona, recovered and even had her vision restored in one eye thanks to a specialized surgery.

Soon after, she was adopted into a family and is now living her days with joy.

When God sent Adam and Eve out into the world he gave them authority over every living thing.  With authority comes responsibility.  It is wrong to abuse any living creature, human or otherwise.  God cares for all living things.

Running along the lines of my previous post, when we become servants and help others that is when we show true character.  The leaders I respect and admire most are those who are genuinely humble and care about the well-being of others.

This video showed me how people can take responsibility to help even when they are not the cause of the suffering.  Now imagine if just a few people can make such an amazing difference for a poor little dog, what an impact a few people can have when they help other people in need! 

At the end of the video I could see joy in that little dog's face.  I'm certain if that dog could talk she would be praising God for bringing those people into her life.  

When we help people they can witness God in action through us.  And they can do something Fiona cannot... they can tell others about what they saw and experienced.  That kind of living is contagious! Now I'm not saying that people should not help animals.  I think it is an awesome thing to care for needy creatures: dogs, cats, horses etc. 

But I also think that sometimes we don't help people because it is uncomfortable.  Many times helping the really needy means that we will have to go into the "trash" of their lives and suffer a little-bit with them.  Sometimes that's the only way to gain their trust.

But if we help even one person, they will always remember and perhaps even turn around and help someone else. 

" But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness."

 ~ Psalm 86:15 


Finally Free said...

A very special man did this for me...
I will never forget and I hope I can pay it forward.



Tammy: That's wonderful! I'm so happy someone came beside you and made an effort to help. It reminds me of the parable Jesus gave about the Good Samaritan.

And I'm sure you will get your chance. :)