July 24, 2011


Do you ever notice how everything, no matter how large, seems very small from a great distance? Have you ever looked at something so common to you like your hand, and because of the angle of the light suddenly noticed all the tiny ridges and valleys your skin forms?  Have you ever looked at a strand of hair and noticed how it is never only one solid color but a blend of various hues? Or have you ever thought that everything around you was silent and then realized you could hear the rush of your blood in your ears as your heart pumped it through your veins?

What is my point?  Simply this:  Many times in life we feel that circumstances are only as they immediately appear.  We make assumptions, build future plans, and believe in what we can currently see and experience as all there really is. But the truth, as the examples above show, is that nothing in life is what it seems at first glance.  It is only when we take the time and make the effort to look and listen more closely that we see there is more.

Life from a different perspective. In the Latin it is known as perspicere which means " to see through." The Bible has much to say about this topic and states that life does not end at death. It speaks of powers, kingdoms, and destinies too amazing for the human mind to fully comprehend.  But most important of all it tells of a higher purpose for our lives than just living day-to-day.

In the world it is assumed that the normal destiny for a human is to gain some form of skill or use a born talent to achieve self-sufficiency.  Following this the next step is to find a mate in order to complete the final purpose for human life: propagation. All this so that the process can be repeated.  According to the world this is humanities ultimate reason for being.  We are no different and certainly no more important than any other life form.

But the Bible states that humans are created for more and that our destinies are far greater than anything this world could offer. We are told that the greatest purpose of any human life is to know and serve God.  This should bring great hope to those who don't " fit in" with the worldly norm of human achievements. And the Bible makes it clear that only human beings can know God.  No other form of life in this dimension or in the spiritual realms can be given this privilege.

The truth is that everything this world and the accomplished life has to offer is not enough.  It is never enough! Even in our greatest moments we sense deep inside that there is more.  We look forward to tomorrow and another chance at discovering what can quench that inner desire.  But without knowing God tomorrow comes and goes and we are still left unsatisfied.  Money, power, good works, relationships, greed, lust, none of it truly satisfies for very long.  Or we end up putting all our hope in those things only to be disappointed when they fail to deliver. This is the nature of the world.

We were made for so much more!  And even when we fail to meet the presumed achievements of this world we can still have hope.  Some might never achieve any of the world's expectations but that does not mean that those lives are wasted or pointless.

Know that God loved you from the beginning of time.  Know that He desires to be with you for all of eternity regardless of your performance as a human being.  Know that the world, as beautiful and tragic as it can sometimes be, will pass away. It will not last forever and neither will the ways of the world.

Know that Jesus Christ is your destiny.  Know that He is the life you have been searching for.

" And this is the way to have eternal life- to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth."  John 17:3

Believe that your life has more purpose and greater meaning than career, being single or married, having children or not.  You matter and every tomorrow is just one step closer to your eternal destiny. Live your life from that perspective.


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