September 08, 2010


The other day I received a message from a very dear friend.  I had been a bridesmaid in her wedding just last year.  It was such a happy time filled with dreams and hopes of the future.  And I knew that one of my friend's greatest dreams was to become a mother.

But her first pregnancy only lasted four weeks.  It was difficult for her but she gathered herself up and decided that it was in the Lord's hands.  A little more than nine weeks ago she told me she was pregnant again.  Everything looked good! 

But at twelve weeks the child died.  I don't know the details but I am grieving for the little life we will never know.  And even though the child was never mine I understand the desire to nurture life. I can only imagine the grief my friend must be experiencing.

I am praying for her.

A few hours after I received the sad news I sat down at my piano and began to play through compositions I had written in the past.  But one melody that had not been fully developed stood out to me that day.  And so I set to the task of completing a song that reflected my feelings and what I believed represented the pain my friend bears.

At this point, a week later, I am nearly finished.  The final step is to complete the lyrics.  I want to have the piece recorded and sent to my friend.  I can't be with her physically but I can let her know that she is on my heart and mind.  We are both musicians so I know that music will speak to her.

But we are also both Christians and I know that only God can bring true comfort to her heart at this difficult time.  Life is not easy and we learn this as we age.  People we know grow old and die and sometimes, young ones die before us.  Only God understands why good lives are cut off early.  Only God can heal the wounds of broken hearts.  

I pray that you, who are reading this post, are doing well.  If not, know that you can go to God and tell Him your sorrows.  You can share with Him your private pain and fears.  He will listen and respect your feelings.  And if you find that you are angry at Him tell Him so.  God can take it.

" The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love."  Psalm 147:11


lgsquirrel said...

You are a good friend indeed. May your friend find comfort and healing in God's ever present love.


Thank you Mr. LGS. I pray that with time God will heal her broken heart. Who knows, maybe He will bless her with children in the future. :)