May 23, 2010

The Plans We Make

Well life has been busy for me!  I was so looking forward to spending more time blogging once my duties as a professor were completed for this semester.  But God had other plans.  I have been spending the better part of two and half weeks nursing my grandmother, Romelia.

She is now 90 years old and has had excellent health until recently.  She is currently in the hospital with acute Bronchitis and because I am her main caretaker in the mornings, I too am now fighting the virus.

Its been very difficult to realize that her life is very fragile.  Of course, if I were really honest I would say that all our lives are fragile.  But it is still difficult to watch her health decline.  My family and I are clinging to the hope that she can yet fight off the infection in her lungs and make a strong recovery.  But the antibiotics being given to her in the hospital are very powerful and are causing other issues.  The biggest problem right now is that she is growing weaker each day and her blood sugar levels are way too high.

But I know that no matter what happens she is in God's hands and who am I to tell him He can't take her if that is His will.  Although, I will never stop praying for her recovery... and mine. :)

It is expected that the elderly succumb to illnesses and its not really a surprise when they pass away because we all believe they had enough time to live a "good" life.  But when death takes those of us who are younger it is a shock.  I'm thinking about the recent airplane crashes.  One in India just a few days ago leaving only 8 survivors.  The grief of family and friends who were waiting to welcome their loved ones back home.  And a plane crash Libya the other week where only a small 9-year-old boy survived but lost his parents and his brother.  They were returning home from a family vacation.

We really don't know how long we have.  And every breath we take is a gift from God.  It helps me to put things in perspective when I get worried, discouraged, or disappointed. All the suffering and hurts we go through in this life really don't mount up to a "hill of beans" when compared to eternity.  That is our final destination.  And at times it can feel very fairy-tale like.  It can feel like a dream.  But the Bible talks very clearly about there being another form of life more real and everlasting than anything we know in this existence.

I know that my grandmother passes on she will be with God and see that other life.  I know the same would be true of myself and my family.  That is a tremendous blessing!  But as long as life lasts here and now I pray that my life makes a positive impact for His glory and that I continue to grow in understanding and grace.

Remember that God hears our prayers and that He does not hold our sins against us.  So don't feel guilty going to Him with your concerns.  Tell Him how you feel and believe that He will answer you.

Psalm 9:10  "Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you."

So how about you?  Have there been any circumstances or events that have forced you to think about the really difficult issues of life?



My mother passed away 12 years ago she was almost 87 but it was still a shock, 3 days later my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and within 2 months he too left me.
I was devastated he was 57, I felt for his mother who was in ill health but she took it remarkably. some 16 months later my husband's nephew who had been back packing around Australia for a year with his friend perished in a fire at the hostel he was mother -in-law lost her eldest son and a grandson in 16months Mike the nephew was just 24yrs a short life wasted because some person had a grudge against the hostel owners.

I do wonder at times how and why these things happen.


Andrea said...

I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.


Yvonne: I'm so sorry to hear of all the suffering you and your family have endured. Surely God understands your pain and your questions. Sometimes wondering why is all we can do. But God promises never to leave us or forsake us. He says that He has plans for our lives and that they are to give us a future and hope.
The hard part for me, and possibly every Christian, is to trust Him when life doesn't make sense and when it seems completely unfair.
Blessings to you dear sister and may God continue to comfort you each day.


Andrea: I visited your blog and learned about your friend, Mary Grace. I am praying for her now and thank you for letting me know about your prayer request.